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< I love that feeling it's amazing.
 Mhmkayy this is the place where you come to learn about me..
1. Normal is a city, a setting on a dishwasher, and something other people are  called. What about me? Anything but normal.
I still can't believe that there's a city in Illinois that's called that.
2. I love the beach, one of my goals is to live like a hobo on it for like one day and one night when I'm older.
3. I love life. No matter what it throws in my path, there is ALWAYS a way over it, remember that.
4. I'm a pretty wild chick, please don't stereotype me. You're only setting yourself up to be surprised or beaten.
5. I am unique. Like no other, I am myself. But again, that's why everyone is on here.. right? To express without judgement or to get advice to something like that.
6.  My favorite music artists are Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj. They have different sides to them, they have original music, and they're independent.
7. I'm fiercely loyal. Nuff said.
8. I admit, I don't have the longest attention span, but I'm working on it. But I can do anything that I put my mind to.
9. I can do a backbend
10. I love you for reading this whole dang thing. You care awhh! <3
You may be the King but the QUEEN still reigns c r e d i t


Quotes by bookgirl12

How much do I cost?

Natural Hair:
[x] Brown - $100
[] Blonde - $50
[] Black - $60
[] Red - $70
[] Other- $75

Eye Color:
[] Brown - $50
[] Green - $75
[} Blue $150
[x] Hazel $100
[] Other - $15

[] Over 7′ - $200
[] 6′8″ to 7′ - $175
[] 6′0″ to 6′7″ - $150
[] 5′5″ to 5′11″ - $75
[] 5′4″ to 5′10″ - $85
[x] Under 5′4 - $25

Total so far: $275

[] 50 to 56 - $175
[] 46 to 50 - $150
[] 41 to 45 - $125
[] 31 to 40 - $100
[] 26 to 30 - $75
[] 21 to 25 - $50
[] 19 to 20 - $25
[x] 0 to 18 - $100

Birth Order:
[] Twins or more than twins - $750
[x] First Born - $320
[] Only Child - $250
[] second born - $150
[] Middle child - $100
[] Last Born - $100
[] third born - $550
[] fourth born - $300
[] fifth born - $400
[] sixth born -$215

Total so far: $695

[] I did like twice - $400
[] Only Holidays - $250
[] Sometimes - $215
[] YES - $200
[] only weekends - $300
[] Every other day - $50
[] Once a day - $15
[] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$
[x] No - $600

[] perfect vision - $400
[]need or have glasses/ contacts but dont wear them - $200
[] No correction - $100
[x] Glasses - $50
[] contacts - $25
[] Surgical correction - $100

Total so far:

Shoe Size:
[ ] 13+ - $300
[ ] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
[] 11 to 12 - $400
[x] 7 to 10 - $500
[] Under 7- $450

Favorite Color
[] Green-$750
[] Red - $600
[] Black - $100
[] Yellow -$475
[] Brown - $300
[] Purple - $225
[] White - $400
[] Aqua - $350
[x] Orange - $300
[] Blue - $300
[] Pink - $100
[] Other - $500

Total: $2095

did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[] Yes $0
[x] Nope - $1000
[] some- $750

Total: $3245

The Basics:
Name: Alina
Age: In two days, 14.5

Love Life:
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope
Do you like someone?: Yeaaah
Does anyone like you?: yeaaah.
Hugged anyone in the past week?: hehe of course

Who is your best friend?: Megan
Where did you meet them?:  6th grade math class
Did you lose any friends this year?: kinda
Gain any?: yeeepppp
Meet a special friend?: lol sure.
Did you hang out with any friends in the past week?: mhmmm

New Years Eve
Did you do anything at midnight?: Noooopeee
Who did you spend it with?: Family
any resolutions?: noooppee, just survive

Valentines Day
Did you have a Valentine?: Nope
Did you send out any cards/chocolates/etc?: Nope
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day?: .... etc.

Did you go on vacation?: DISNEYLAND!
Did you hang out on the beach with friends?: mhmm
How long was your summer break?:end of june to beginning of sept.
Did you get a tan?: duhhh.
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend during the summer?: nope,

Did you go trick or treating?: UH-HUH
If so, who did you go with?: Hannah, and Heather, and then met up with all these people
Did you dress up?: Mhmm :)
Was it fun?: Yeaahh :)

Who did you spend it with?: My family
Did Santa come to your house?: YEAAAH.
Did you stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve? nope, never do.

Your Birthday
Who did you spend it with?: lol, everyone of my friends
What did you do?: PARRTTTYYY
What did you get?: Gift cards, a phone, that kind of stuff

Have You Ever: (Yes or No)
Hugged someone: Yerup C:
Electricuted yourself: Ouch, yeah.
Climbed more than 60 feet: Mhmm ROCK CLIMBER
Made a Youtube video: lololololol yessss
Lied to a loved one: yurrrp.
Had a pet: yes
Ran a marathon: A 3K?
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend: yeaaah.

5 Do’s
1. Do you play any instruments?: Yeeppp
2. Do you play any sports?: BASKETBALL and VOLLYBALL.
3. Do you believe in 2012?: eh.
4. Do you like animals? love em.
5. Do you honestly like Obama? Don't care

4 If’s
1. If you get $1 Million for breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, would you?: yeah :)
2. If you were to get $50,000 for killing a rat, would you?: mhmm
3. If you were to choose between your best friend and your brother/sister, who would you choose?: uh, sister. They're both sisters to me hehehehehe >:)
4. If you were to choose between coke/pepsi or sprite/7up, which would you choose?: coke, and 7up

3 How’s
1. How old do you want to be when you get married?: 20
2. How many siblings do you have?: 1
3. How did your last Christmas go?  Awesomely

2 When’s
1. When is your birthday?: October 24th
2. When was your last relationship? October 10th- December 16th 

1 What
1. What would you say if the guy/girl you like right now kissed you?: uh, awks.

I am 88% obsessed with my looks

I own:
[x] hair straightener
[x] curling iron
[x] mousse
[x] hairspray
[x] gel
[x] other sprays
[x] bobby pins
[x] hair clips
[x] hair ties
[x] round barrel brush
[x] blow dryer
[x] mirror
[] I have dyed my hair
[x] I have/had highlights

[x] black eyeliner
[x] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[x] fake eyelashes
[x] eyelash curler
[x] eye shimmer
[] contacts
[] stunna shades
[x] eye makeup remover

[x] clear lip gloss
[x] red or pink lip gloss
[x] lipstick
[x] chap stick
[] lip plumper
[] electric toothbrush
[x] teeth whitener
[x] more than 15 lip glosses
[x] toothpaste

Complexion/Overall Face:
[x] blush
[x] moisturizer
[x] face wash
[x] bronzer
[x] makeup remover
[x] face wipes
[x] powder
[x] cover up

[x]nail polish/varnish
[x] filer
[x] nail clipper
[x] nail buffer
[] cuticle remover
[x] nail hardener
[x] nail brush
[x] fake nails
[x] nail scissors

Now multiply your number by 2
Then repost as I am _% obsessed with my looks.

1. male friend: Angelo
2. female friend: Megan
3. Vacation: Yesterday, Wisconsin Dells <3
4. age: 12
5. memory: Hanging out with my friends
1. Time of day: 4:00
2. Day of the week: Thursday
3. Food: Liver
4. Memory: Fights with boyfriends
5. Subject: Social Studies
1. Person you saw: My Dad :)
2. Talk on the phone: Megan
3. Hugged: Dad
4. IMed: Humberto
1. Kiss: Dylan
2. Truck: Don't Drive
3. First school: Saint Monica's
4. Job: Don't Have One
1. What are you doing now: Answering this survey
2. Tonight: Nothing
3. Wearing: PJs
4. what did you eat for lunch: Pizza
5: Better than yesterday: No, I was on vacation yesterday!!!
1. Is: Saturday
2. Got any plans: Nope
3. Goal: Have Fun
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: Nothing
5. Do you have work: No
1. Are you in love?: Kinda
2. Dating someone: No
3.Missing someone: Yeaa
4. Mood: Not Bad
69 Questions

1. Name - Alina
2. Nickname - Bubbles, Giggles
3. Elementary School - Garvy

4. Tall Or Short - I'm short
5. Sweats Or Jeans - Jeans
6. Orange Or Apple - Apple
7. Do You Have A Crush On Someone - Ha! As if I could forget it, my best friend loves reminding me C:
8. Eat Or Drink - Drink
9. Piercings - Ears, but plan on getting a double this summer
10. Pepsi Or Coke - Coke

Have You Ever . . .
11. Been In An Airplane ? Yepp
12. Been In A Relationship ? All went down in flames
13. Been In A Car Accident ? Yes, but not a major one

Firsts & Lasts
15. First Piercing - Ears
16. First Best Friend - Isabella I.
17. First Award - Soccer, I was on a soccer team when I was four
18. First Crush - Matthew G.
19. First Word - I think it was pumba, like in the Lion King but I might be wrong.
20. Last Person You Talked To In Person- Megan :)
21. Last Person You Texted - Megan
22. Last Friend You Watched A Movie With - Uhhh, I think Megan. HUNNNGGGGEERR GAMMMESS!
23. Best friend - Guess. Ha, lol. Megan.
24. Last concert - Mike Posner, two years ago.
25. Last Song You Listened To- What makes you beautiful- 1D
26. Last Thing You Bought - Surprise for Megan
27. Last Person You Hugged - My mommy

Favorites . .
28. Food ? Firework Sushi
29. Drink ? Raspberry Tea, Arizona
30. Video game ? Don't play them.
31. Animal ? Birds, like Peacock
32. Color ? Orange
33. Place ? Chicago
34. Movie?- Alice in Wonderland
35. Subject ? Math, Science, and Writing

Have You Ever ...
36. Fallen In Love With Someone ? Ha, fake love.
7. Celebrated Halloween ? Week from my birthday! So.. YEAHHH!
38. Went Over The Minutes / Texts On Your Phone ?- I can't do that I have prepaid.
39. Wanted To Smack Someone Upside The Head ? - YES!
40. Eaten A Whole Pizza? - personal pizza, yes.
41. Did Something You Regret ? - Yeahh
42. Broke A Promise ? Yeah.. but they weren't important ones
43. Hid A Secret ? Yeshh!
44. Pretended To Be Happy ? -All the time
45. Want kids? I don't know.
46. Want To Get Married ? Yeah.
47. Career ? Editor in Cheif of a magazine

Which Is Better In The Opposite Gender ?
48. Lips Or Eyes - Eyes
49. Shorter Or Taller - Taller
50. Romantic Or Spontaneous - Spontaeous
51. Hook Up Or Relationship - Relationship
52. Looks Or Personality- Personality

Have You Ever?
53. Lost Glasses / Contacts ? - Ha, yeah.
54. Snuck Out ? - Nope
55. Held A Gun Ar Knife As Self Defense ? - nope
56. Broke Someone's Heart ? Mhmm, but not proud of it.
57. Been In Love ? Yes <33
58. Been Arrested ? - no

Do You Believe In;
59. Yourself ; Most of the time
60. Miracles ; Yes!
61. Love At First Sight ; Yess!
62. True Friends ; YEAH!
63. Forever &' Always ; yuppers<33333

64. Is There One Person You Want to Be With Right Now ? - Yes ma'am!!
65. Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are - yess(:
66. Who's Your Favorite Person To Text - Megan
67. Girl's You Trust The Most:  Megan, Heather, Liz, Alyssa
68. Boy's You Trust The Most : Angelo, Danny, Chris, Jakub, Ali
69. Who You Can't Live Without: My family / my friends



My crush sent me  question.

I + _____  = :) <3 

I said




He said,

No, you. ;)


Being the girl that you want is so hard..

But if it's worth your attention I'll do it.

Does a person really live
if no one knows she's alive?

live your life  like no one is watching

Time started: 10:37 PM.
Gender: Female.
Birthday: October 24th.
Eye color: Deep Brown with Flashes of Green.
Shoe size: 7 1/2.
Height: 5 foot 4.
What are you wearing: Black lace tank top wit hred basketball shorts
Where do you live: Chicago.
Righty or lefty: Righty.
Who are your closest friends: Megan and Heather. 
Best place for a date? Somewhere that means something to both of us. 
Fave Color?: Neon Orange.
Fave Number: 12.
Fave Boys Name: Jace
Fave Girls Name: Celestina
Fave Sport: Basketball & Volleyball
Fave Month: June. 
Fave movies: Ella Enchanted, Alice in Wonderland, Devil Wears Prada
Juice: Apple or Apple Cherry
Breakfast food: Don't really do breakfast food 
Favorite cartoon character: DANNY PHANTOM <3

Given anyone a bath: My sister when  I was 5 and she was 3
Smoked: No, don't plan to. Ever.
Made yourself throw-up: No
Gone skinny dipping: Nope.
Eaten a dog: lol nope even if I am asian :P
Put your tongue on a frozen pole?: Yes, and a fence.. don't ask.
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: ..Yeah.
Broken a bone?: Nope
Played truth or dare: Obviously.
Been in a physical fight: No, does a pillow fight count? It was pretty violent.
Been in a police car: Nope
Been on a plane: Yes, DISNEYLAND!
Come close to dying: No, but have had a werid wishing of wanting to be.
Been in a hot tub: Yes, at a hotel :)
Cried when someone died: No, no one has died for me.
Fell off your chair: Haha, yes.
Wait for someone's phone call all night: No.
Saved AIM/Yahoo conversations: If they're cute, or means something for me or... revenge
Saved e-mails: Yup, like almost every one.
Fallen for one of your best guy friends: Stupid question.
Made out with JUST a friend?: No.
Used someone: Sadly, yes.
Whats your good luck charm?: Myself. 
Best song you ever heard: 
What's your bedroom like: Pale pink with a light blue sky with glow in the dark stars. I have a lot of cork boards with things that I like to hang up.
Last thing you said: "I'm not addicted to the computer mom, I just don't want to eat breakfast. " 
What is beside you?: A couch.
Last thing you ate: Lettuce

What kind of shampoo do you use: Herbal Essence
Best thing that has happened to you this year:  My sister won 2nd place in city, got my laptop.
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: Had to break up with my boyfriend because he's a jerk
Chicken pox: One pox, after I watched the Arthur episode with chicken pox
Sore Throat: Yeah, like every winter.
Stitches: Nope, unless I don't know about it
Broken nose: Never.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Yes, total sucker for Happily Ever Afters.
Like school: Yeah, imma nerd.
What schools have you gone to: Garvy.
Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 dollars: NO! 
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: Johnny Depp, for entertainment and megan. :)
Who was the last person that called you: Angelo
What makes you laugh the most?: Being reminded that I'm insane, and my friend Megan. 
What makes you smile?: Everything.
Last person you yelled at: My mom, sadly.
Last person that told you they love you: My mommy <3. 
Is your loudest friend: not coming back to school till after spring break and dying her hair? yes.
Do you like filling these out?: Yeah
Do you wear contacts or glasses: I have only glasses though, I want to try contacts.
Do you like yourself: Yeah :)
Do you get along with your family: Yeah.
Stolen anything over $50: No.
What are you listening to right now?: Call me maybe ;) 
Got any awards: Uh, for soccer and a bunch for school but that's it.
What car do you wish to have: uh, don't know. I think I want one of those family cars with a sleek touch to it.
Where do you want to get married: A beautiful church with stained glass or maybe out in a meadow with tons of flowers. 
If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be: My nose.
Good driver: Never drove.
Good singer: When I want to be.
Have a lava lamp: A little one that I made myself :) 
How many remote controls are in your house: Eight
Double jointed: Maybe, some people say I am.
What do you dream about: really weird stuff.
Last time you showered: two days ago :P (Trying to save my hair)
Last time you took a bath: I don't remember I think last summer.
Scary or happy movies: Scary, watched too many happy.
Chocolate or white chocolate: CHOCOLATE! <3 <3
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper!
 Vanilla or chocolate: CHOCOLATE! <3 <3
Summer or winter: Summer.
Silver or Gold: Gold
Diamond or pearl: Pearl 
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset
Sprite or 7up: Sprite.
Cats or dogs: Kitties :D
Coffee or tea: Coffee.
Phone or in person: In person.
Indoor or outdoor: Outdoor. 
End Time: 11:56 PM.