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Hiya! so i'm Paige, 15 and a sophomore in high school living on Long Island. I have three younger sisters and some of the greatest friends in the world I've been through my fair share of ups and down so odds are I can help you with whatever you're going through. My life hasn't been the easiest or the most fun but God gave me this life because he knew I could handle it, so i hope I don't prove him wrong.I'm grounded more than I'm not, and it's usually because my friends get me into trouble but it's alright cause what is life without a little bit of fun? Honestly I'm not the nicest person you've ever met but that's only if I am extremely tired, hungry or you've aggrivated me to the point where I can't control myself so I can't be blamed ifI hurt your feelings a little bit :p i'm willing to give more advice the I'm willing to take so leave me a comment if you need help :D I don't know how to flirt with a guy or make them like me cause well I've never really needed to I'm invisible to guys most of the time.i've never had a boyfriend but I've had more crushes than you can count. My friends are my life and without them I wouldn't be the person I am today

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Honestly all this stuff about gay marriage is really annoying like everyone makes it sound like its only religious people who hate it or they talk about why its such a big deal and stuff when it isnt. most of us are in middle or high school so why should we care about marriage of any kind at this point? i dont support gay marriage and im probably gonna be flipped out on for it but i really dont care. my best friend is bi and i still love her cause shes my friend not cause of her gender so literally all this gay marriage and gay rights stuff needs to stop cause its ridiculiously annoying at this point.
I do everything you ask and everything I'm told. My grades might not not be the best and I might not always tell you the truth but thats because sometimes you don't nees to know everything. All I want to do is be the daughter you want me to be but when I know I'm your least favorite what's the point?
I look in the mirror and count to five
Always questioning why I'm alive.
My parents hate me
My sisters cry
Whats the point of even being alive?
I'm Katniss  ♥

[X] You would do anything to protect your family.
 [X] You have good aim.
 [X] You hate cats.
[] You aren’t too fond of people in general.
[X] You hate being indebted to people.
[X] You hold grudges.
[X]You wouldn’t describe yourself as a warm, friendly person - you’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.
[ ] When you sing, the birds fall silent.

[]You’re an artist.
[X] You love to bake.
[X] You can decorate well.
[X] Manipulating people comes naturally for you.
[X] You’re clever.
[] Your favorite color is orange.
[] People tend to be charmed by you.
[X] You’re a fantastic liar.
[X] You’re a hopeless romantic.
[] You have a strong sense of self.

[X] You question everything.
[X] You’re very defiant.
[X] You’re spontaneous.
[] You’re a rebel with a cause.
[X] You would do absolutely anything for justice.

[] You like sugar cubes.
[] Others often describe you as sexy or gorgeous.
[] You’ve been used for your looks.
[X] You’re a skilled swimmer.
[X] When you’re anxious, your hands have to be occupied - with knots or something of that nature.
[] You’re very popular, but don’t want to be.
[X] You’re protective.


[] You’re innocent.
[] You have blonde hair.
[] You adore animals.
[X] You love helping people in need.
[] People seem to be fond of you.
[X] Over time you’ve become quite wise.
[X] You are nurturting.

[X] You’re creative.
[] You root for the underdog.
[] You dress simply.
[X] You stand up for your cause.
[] Your hair is simple and easily manageable.
[X] You tend to have brilliant ideas.

[X] You’re somewhat materialistic.
[] You’ve dyed your hair a wild color.
[X] You’re somewhat naive.
[X] You’re chirpy.
[X] You’re punctual and hate lateness.
[X] Etiquette is important to you.
[] You’re rich.

[X] You’re very sarcastic.
[] You get drunk often.
[] People might find you condescending.
[X] Outsmarting others is a talent of yours.
[] You’re very lonely.


[X] You’re a bold, gutsy person.
[X] People might call you crazy.
[] You want things to be fair.
[X] You’ve had a rough time in life.
[X] You really don’t like most people.
[] You have short hair.
[] You don’t like being in water.
[X] You love music.
[] You’re small and graceful.
[X] You hum often.
[] You inspire others.
[X] You’re always hungry.
[X] People underestimate you.

                                   Witty Girls/Guys I need HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so theres this guy, but well then again isn't there always? but anyway, i found a guy that I'm like in love with for 2 years now liked me for the last month of school last year. I told my friends and my cousin and they all told me to talk to him, or tell him I like him. I don't know if I should, or shoudln't or just what to plain do! i don't even care about the faves on this, all I want are comments that help me, but I seriously need some advice!!!!!!!

Everyone thinks I have everything together. Well I don't. My life isn't as great as everyone thinks, and the smile I always wear? Yeah, it's fake. I'm not happy anymore, even my dad says he wants his daughter back. The sad part is, I never went anywhere. I wanna go somewhere, do something with my life, but I'm stuck here. As messed up as it is, I'm 14 and I want kids. It's something I've always wanted, but I would never tell anyone that. I'm weird enough as it is. All I wanna di is get away from everything and start over. I guess the fact that my dad wants to move to North Carolina soon is a good thing huh? Maybe I'll maybe find love down there, or maybe moving will be the incentive I need to lose weight. all I know is I don't wanna move, not now, and almost not ever, but it might be for the best. People may miss me, but they'll move on. The only people I don't wanna leave are my family, my close close friends, and my crush. I guess if I move, things might get better, hopefully? Only time will tell from here.......... 
                                               Lie to me. Go ahead, tell me I'm beautiful, make me think you care. make me think you love me.
                                                Lie to me. Go ahead, tell me everything is going to be okay. Tell me I'm not falling apart, and that when I wake up everything will be better.                                     Lie to me. Go ahead, make me think people like me and that I'll always have someone by my side. That I'll never be lonely and that I'll actually be happy.
                                                Lie to me. Go ahead, break my heart and leave me to pick up the pieces. But when you come back, don't expect any pieces to be left for you.
why girls shouldn't cheat on boys there was once a guy named jack who had a girlfriend named ashley. ashley was the most popular girl in school. the three most popular guys were tom, jack, and marcus. ashley thought of jack as okay, but she really liked marcusmarcus liked ashley also. well of course he did, everyone did! marcus and jack were worst enemies. marcus tried to steal ashley away every time he had a chance to. one day, marcus asked ashley if she wanted to go to the movies. jack heardeverything....what movie theatre and what time. jack approached the movies that night and followed ashley and marcus. jack sat right behind them. he watched them get close to each other andkiss.... not only kiss, but practically get it on in the theatre. marcus told ashley"do you want to come to my place and skip this boring movie?" she replied "yeah." jack had peeked through marcus' window. ashely and him were messing around and then they had it. jack watched the whole thing. the next day at school jack wasn't there. for the next few days jack wasn't there. a week later his mother found him in his closet dead... he commited suicide because he had loved ashley so much. next to jack's dead body was a note. a note that read: my dearest ashley, i watched you at the movie and at marcus' house and i will continue to watch you. i never thought you would do something like this to me. i really loved you ashley. i died for you just like jesus died for us. always with you, jackplease foward this or jack will haunt you and try to kill you because he wants everyone to know about marcus. thank you. please scroll down. ['in loving memory of'] **jack halagey** what jack did to one person who did not send this....... one girl was looking through her e-mail and she ['deleted'] this message thinking it was another silly forward...the next day she ['was'] ['found dead in'] ['her bed'] ['of course u don't have to send this but i think jack halagey' will come soon to get you like tonight when you are still awake just sitting in bed']repost this as `why girls should'nt`cheat on boys or u will lose the one u love A girl died in 1993 , a man buried her in her own home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, "Tomasota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight into your eyes. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated.Thisstory is sadly true. If you post this in your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded!!!:)
 i was so scared i posted it. do it !!!!
i was so scared so i did it!! do  
So, my best friend just told me everyone hated me last year cuz i was turning into something I wasn't.
She told me she new I was the same old me and that's why were still friends.
Just wanted to say I Love You DEANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My life is like a bad HBO special.