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Quotes by born2bblonde322

when you have a band-aid on your finger,
washing your hands becomes extremely difficult and awkward.
*Me at the hair salon*

me: ugh I hate this hair washing chair
me: ow that hurts
me: wow that shampoo smells really good
me: i wanna buy it
me: jk its probably like $75 a bottle
me: im getting a neck cramp in this thing
me: crap i think i just swallowed my gum
hair dresser: "okay you can go to my chair now" 
hair dresser: *starts cutting my hair*
me: wait thats not my natural part
me: is that gunna affect my hair cut
me: oh well lets just hope for the best
me: la la la lalalaala
me: im bored
me: lol i look like cousin it
me: pshhh i don't know who that is
me: uhm that piece looks a little short
me: thats not how short all my hair is right?!
me: yup it is
me: wahhhh why did i get my hair cut
me: no its okay it'll look better when she blow dries it
me: okay well...yea it's still short
me: don't ask me questions with the blow dryer in my ear
me: i can't hear what you are saying
me: ill just say okay and smile
me: why is she looking at me funny
me: what did i just agree too?
me: i wish i had somewhere to go with my hair looking this nice
me: how does she do that thing with the blow dryer and the brush?
me: whenever i try it my hair just gets stuck in the brush
me: i wanna go to beauty school
me: jk i don't trust myself with scissors near peoples faces
me: is this almost over
me: great my nose is itchy
me: can you move that piece of hair out of my eye
me: hey i just met you and thi-
me: noooo 
me: great now that song is stuck in my head
me: yay i can finally leave
me: no hair spray isn't necessary
hair dresser: "okay you're all done"
me: well that was a painful two hours

mom: *about to walk out the door*
dad: *laying on the floor*
mom: *to my dad* give me a kiss I'm about to leave
mom: you have to sit up I can't bend down
mom: I'm too sore
dad: I can't sit up my back hurts
me: old people problems
mom: *dying of laughter*
dad: *dying of laughter*
me: ahahahaa *dying of laughter* 
me: I need to put that on witty
*true story* 

And am I the only one 

who has to pause the t.v. to read the texts from A on

Pretty Little Liars?




If you want to know
what mood I'in,

just check my tumblr. 

Me: It's 11:11...
Boyfriend: I don't have anything to wish for, you're everything I've ever wanted.

one day I am going to have a party and instead of serving alcohol I'm going to serve apple cider
so when people are "wasted" I'll know just how fake they are. 
mom: what did you learn in school today?
me: my global teacher taught us that our judicial system is based on whether or not the judge got laid last night...
mom: well at least someone is teaching you the truth in school. 



fav if you just said that as *echo, echo, echooo*

The "pull here" tab is never where it says it is