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I wish things were the way they used to be. I miss it here

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They. Broke. Up. 


Sometimes I wish I had never even cared for you at all, because now you don't even think I exist. You're too happy with her to even think about what you are doing to me. It's fine though I'll just sit here and bawl my eyes out over you while you go with her, the girl who ruined my life in two days. 


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Today he asked her out...
She said yes...
I'm not even supposed to like him anymore...
But I do...


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I hate Friendzones </3


 I don't have ADHD, I have ADOLS; Attention deficient ooh look shiny!

I love witty like this. It helps people see the beauty inside of things and to not judge a book by its cover. Thank you Steve. 

Am I only girl on 

here who hasn't seen Mean

Girls, or The Notebook?


your crush is in a relationship with your best friend 
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I know you can't have everything,

but just this once I'm asking

for something or anything

just to show that I should keep going on...


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I 've given up on him...


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