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Oh.... Well hello there!
Hey guys! 
My name is Amy.

 Credit to RandomRequests for the graphics.If you have any questions feel free to ask! Oh and also if you want to follow me I follow back!


Some things you should know about me:
I love hockey! I'm 14 turning 15 in the summer. My favorite colors are green and purple. I'm 5'2. I played soccer and took karate and gymnastics when I was younger. My brother is autistic and I love him to death. I'm mostly shy and friendly. So if you need to talk to be i'll always be here.

Hockey, sloths, pigs, music, Patrice Bergeron, reading, family, friends, The Wanted, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Harry Potter, Michael Jackson, laughing, and animals! - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

Quotes by bostongirl37

Friends: Guess what?

Me: What?



Friends: Guess!!!!!

Me: If you make me say "what" one more time I will rip your throat out because you know i will not guess.

Happens all the time...


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George: I have a dream.
Tom: What is your dream?
George: To have a dream.

 -Scary Movie 3

When I was younger I remember saying spell ICUP and thinking it was hilarious. 

When I was a kid I thought

Blue From Blue's clues was

a boy.

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Everyday I try to look my best,
even though inside I'm such a mess,
why do I always feel


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Random Things to Do #14
Run into a wall, and when someone asks why say "I'm a ninja in training!".   

If you love someone,
put their name in a circle,
instead of a heart, because hearts can
break, but circles go on forever.  

*Not mine just love this
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Random Things to Do #13
 Don't think about penguins


That moment

when you finally take a decent picture and then as you continue to stare it gets uglier.

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When I was younger I used to connect
the markers together and pretend it was a light saber 

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