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My name is Amy.

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Girls Like me.

Chapter 5.

We all slowly turned around, revealing our faces to the cops.
I wasn’t really all that scared, until I realized we had guns pointed at us.
“We didn’t do anything wrong!” Jaycie said through tears.
The officer told us we could put our hands down from above our head, and began to question us.
“So, you folks didn’t just come out of that house?” The officer asked, observing us all closely.
“Of course not!”  Zoe exclaimed quickly.  “We’re just walking back from that park over there.”
The officer looked, seeing the Glendale middle school park.
“We decided it would be best to go home after we heard the police sirens.”  Ryan contributed to the lie.
“Oh.” The officer said surprised, while jotting a few things down on his open notebook.
I felt myself begin to shake.
Not only because it was getting cold out, but because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t lie.
“Are you okay ma’am?”  The officer question me, with a suspicious look on his face.
“She’s just a little cold sir.” Jake explained, wrapping his arms around me to keep me warm.
His touch sent more chills up my already frozen spine.
“Okay, well, you kids be safe tonight.  You’re free to go.”
I had to stop myself from letting out a heavy sigh of relief.
We all turned, staying quiet for at least ¼ of a mile on the walk home.
“That was way too close guys.” Noah broke the rigid silence.
“Are you kidding me?!” Jaycie shrieked.  “That was f//king awesome!”
We all glared at her, annoyed with her lack of attitude to be serious.
“Okay, sorry fun killers.” She rolled her eyes.
“What’s up for tomorrow?” I asked, trying to change the subject.
“How does the beach sound to everyone?” Jaycie suggested.
We all gave approving nods.
“I’ll text you all the time.” Jaycie said, realizing her house was only a short distance in front of us.
Soon, it was only Jake and I left.
“That was pretty freaky.” Jake said, trying to start a conversation.
“yeah.” I laughed a little, noticing my house was straight ahead.
He walked me up to my doorstep, knowing how scared the situation had made me.
“Bye Bree.” Jake smiled slightly as I walked through the door.
I gave him a warm smile, softly whispering back. 

“Goodbye Jake."

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Okay, so has anyone seen these "fave and I'll rate you" quotes? Not cool
Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is a 10.
So unless you're giving everyone a 10, stop.
People go on this site to get away from the bullying and hate.
So don't insult them here.
If you give them anything less than a 10 some people may not care.
But some will pick at their flaws, wondering what's wrong with them.
Maybe they'll take their picture down, not trust witty.
We are a family. Do we "rate" our friends and family? No.
It's time to start acting like one.

Shrek 1:  Came out 11 years ago 
Monsters Inc:  Came out 11 years ago 
Dylan and Cole Sprouse:  20 years old 
Miley Cyrus:  Engaged 
Hillary Duff:  Mom 
That's so Raven: Been off TV for 6 years 
Lizzie McGuire: Ended 9 years ago 

 Girls Like me.

Chapter 3.

 No, snap out of it Bree, you’re not Jealous of that.
It was just a little kiss, it meant nothing.
I brushed off what had happened, and we decided to call it quits on the game.
“Okay, now we actually have to do something worth remembering.” Ryan stated.
“How about we go look around that abandoned house up the street?” Zoe suggested.
“That’s just dumb, why would we do that.” Jaycie snapped.
“Unless of course, you’re scared.”   Zoe folded her arms, with a smirk on her face.
“I-I’m not scared.” Jaycie stammered.
There was a long pause between the two after that.
“Then let’s go.”  Zoe gave a devious smile, leading us out of the house and down towards the abandoned house on the corner.
“So, who wants to go first..” Ryan asked, as we all peered up at the mysterious looking house.
“I think Zoe should, this was her idea anyways.” Jaycie said, holding onto Noah tightly.
Even though I knew she’d never admit it, she was absolutely terrified right now.
“Fine.” Zoe said sternly, beginning to walk up the front porch.
It creaked as we walked on the loose floor boards.
“Zoe, why is there police tape here?  Are you sure we should be doing this?” Noah asked cautiously.
“Yeah it’s safe.” She said a little unsurely.
We continued walking, until we were all in the old house.
“I hear a lady died in here, and no one wanted to live in it after that, so the city just left it.” Jake said, knowing it would scare the living crap out of Jaycie.
“Shut up dude, that’s a load of bullsh//t.” Noah said, trying to calm down Jaycie, who was on the verge of running out.
I giggled a little at Jake, who was walking close to my side.
“Wait guys, what’s that?” Zoe stopped us.
“ Zoe, stop trying to scare me.  This isn’t funny.” Jaycie told her.
“No, seriously, listen.”
We all stood still for a minute, trying to pick up the sound that Zoe was supposedly hearing.
“Oh no, those are police sirens.” I began to panic.
“What are we going to do guys?!” Jaycie began to cry.
“Hide!” Zoe shrieked, shoving herself into the corner of a closet.
We all scattered throughout the house, trying to find an ideal hiding spot.
It was like hide and go seek, but now, it was much, much scarier.
I followed Jake into a large silver bin, just big enough for the two of us.
I had only been home for a few hours, I couldn’t get in trouble already.
I had so many things I wanted to do yet this Summer.  

Going to jail wasn't one of them.

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Hint for what's coming in next chapter---  
Suddenly I felt a hand brushing against my cheek.
"I really missed you Bree." He started.  "And I really am sorr-"
---Bree's POV.
Suucky hint, I know, but they will get better(:
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Pretending to look for your homework when you didn't even do it.

Reasons Gay Marriage is wrong

yeah thats right, there's nothing wrong with gay marriage


       But Really #1

why do people think it's cool to stand in the middle of the already                   crowded hallway when you have to get to class?

Me: I'll turn my iPod on shuffle!
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  No.
Me:  Yes.

Since when did
gay became a synonym for stupid?

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