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No one's gonna fix

me when I'm broke


Hi, I'm Isabella, I'm 13 and awkward :)

I love the internet. I'm part of multiple fandoms.

I love Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Jessie J, One Direction,

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Mean Girls, Bridesmaids,

Easy A, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper, Danisnotonfire,

AmazingPhil, charlieissocoollike, nerimon, Doctor Who, Misfits,

Hunger Games, Photography, Writing, Reading, Food, my friends.

I have no social life but you can talk to me whenever you want and

about whatever you want. I don't judge and I love talking to new

people <3

Stay Spontaneuous Guys <3


Quotes by bowtiesandfezzes

What's in a name?

That which we call a rose
by any other name
would smell as sweet

This is one corner,
of one country,
on one continent,
on one planet,
that's a corner of a galaxy,
that's a corner of a universe,
that's forever growing,
and shrinking,
and creating,
and destroying,
never remaining the same 
for a single millisecond
and there's so much to see.


I'd be happy thin


I'd be happier eating a cake

-Carrie Hope Fletcher
 Youtube: ItsWayPastMyBedtime

Oh joy,

another wonderful day at wonderful school.

Just 8 more months,

I can do this.




does not mean that you are wrong
and the other person is right.

It just means that you value your 
more than you value your


"To love oneself
is the beginning 
of a 
life long romance."
- Oscar Wilde


Was I the only one who notcied that Harry's voice sounded different when he sang tonight.
I'll just stay in my corner


Words and Hearts
should be handled with care
for words when spoken
and hearts when broken
are the hardest things
to repair.


We're all in the same game;
Just different levels.

Dealing with the same hell;
Just different devils.



Happiness is like a butterfly;

the more you
chase it,

the more it will
elude you,

but if you turn your attention 

to other things

it will come and

sit softly on your shoulder...


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