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Quotes by boysequallove

Guns clap like patty cake.
Blood gang red bandana face

Make them pus*ies pop themself
you can call that "mast3rb8"(;

I seen nights full of pain.. days of the same.. you keep the sunshine.. save me the rain.
So baby stay away from my friends... cuz i need them to carry me when it's over..
You're touturing me with a beautiful face..

Love Unreturned Is Like A Question Without An Answer.. 

its like a work of art that never gets to see the light, keeps you beneath the stars, wont let you touch the sky ♥ 

         If you could get through this feeling,

You will be just fine[:

I acted like it wasn't a big deal,

when really it was breaking my heart.

never chase love, affection, or attention,
If it isn't given freely by another person,

it isn't worth having.