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soon you'll be nothing but
a memory. ♥ ♥


you made me insecure,
 told me i wasn't good enough

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This quote does not exist.
It's not what they said
and its not what they read
and all the promises they made us all have shattered on the ground.
Give me a chance to love you....
Ill tell you the only reason why
because youuu are on my mind<3
I Ignore What I Can't Erase,
I Will Run and Hide Till Memories Fade Away,

For you Just you Time Will Always Wait,
While I Throw Away What I Can Replace

Hide By Red
So how come when i reach out my fingers....
it feels like more than distance between us.
♥ ♥

And it got to the point
Where I should leave you alone, but we both know that I’m not that strong 

Because we were like FIRE  and GASOLINE
I'm no good for you your no good for me.