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Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.
Hey!! People who are reading my story "I wanna save YOU"
sorry I haven't posted in a while.. my parents took away my laptop so I'm on my cellphone..
If you're willing to wait that's great but if you don't want to..
I understand

But I'm getting it back soon
so hang in there guys!!
I washed my cuts with soap.
it stung like hell.
But only for a few seconds...

Then I realized..
Life is like a cut..
when its rough it hurts.
when you try to fix it, it stings.
But in the end....
It's all

So please.
stay strong

When dreaming with a broken heart
Waking up is the
hardest part...

-Liam Payne

I Wanna SaveYOU

Chapter 12
Niall and Maia came stomping down the stairs.
I looked at them and before I could say anything Liam took the words right from my mouth,
"What the hell happened up there?"
 Niall is a mess with dry tears on his naturally red cheeks that were now a fire red..more unusual. 
"Nothing it was just an accident with a vase."
Okay at least nobody got hurt....right?
With that, Niall and Maia walked into the kitchen...where else would Niall go?
After he finished making his sandwhich he got the car keys and took Maia and left.
I turned to Zoe.
"Want to go to my room to watch a movie?"
She nodded her head and smiled shyly.
I jumped off the couch and grabbed her hand.
"We are going upstairs to watch a movie...PLEASE don't bother us."
I announced.
"Don't have TO much 'fun' up there..."
Liam winked.
Zoe and I laughed and said
"yes daddy."
and winked back.
After laughing for a minute or two we were walking to the kitchen for popcorn.
"What movie do you want to watch"
I asked.
"Umm, maybe........a scary one?"
Zoe suggested with a wink.
"No....How about a cute movie like finding Nemo or something?"
I laughed.
She nodded.
I leaned over to her and placed my hands on the edge of the counter and was an inch away from her face.
"I love you."
I was leaning in to kiss her when we were cut off by the microwave beeping to let us know our popcorn was done.
Zayn leads me up the winding stair case with a bowl of popcorn in his hand.
We reach the top of the stairs when he turned around and said,
"So what movie do you want to watch?"
"umm...Finding Nemo!"
"Alrightt...on one condition.."
I shrug
"okay, what?"
"you have to kiss me."
I nodded and he leaned in with his eyes closed.
I leaned in halfway and before i kissesd him i ran under his arm and into his room.
he laughed.
I laughed back.
"Oh well! Now you have to watch Finding Nemo with me!"
"No I don' didn't kiss me."
He says standing in the doorway.
I walk over to him and take the bowl of popcorn and set it on the dresser, I slide my arms around his neck and he slides his around my waist.
I get on my tip-toes, and close my eyes.

I give him an eskimo kiss first, rubbing our noses together for a second and I smile.
I lean back a little and smile and so does he.
Then I lean in as close as I can and say,
"I love you too"
I kiss him on his soft lips.
We are standing in the doorway for a good three minutes just kissing...
I break the kiss and get off my tip-toes and let go of his neck.
"Now can you watch the movie with me?"
"Why wouldn't I?"
He smirked.
We were almost there.
Ten more minutes and then i can show her.
I can't wait any longer!
"So Maia."
I broke the silence.
"So Niall."
she smiled.
"Sorry about our date getting unexpectedley cancelled.."
"Why say sorry? Your friends got seriously injured!"
She is so sweet.
"Well consider this date."
I said as I pulled into the grass.
I parked the car and got out, went to her side of the car and opened the door for her.
She smiled.
"You are such a gentleman."
I laughed.
The headlights to the car went off and everything was dark, but I knew my way around here.
He opened my door for me.
"You are such a gentleman."
He laughs.
I took his hand and hopped out of the car.
The headlights went off and everything was dark and I didn't know where I was.
I couldn't see and he let go of my hand.
I spoke again in the silence.
"I'm scared, it's so dark!"
I reached for his hand, it was pitch black so i couldn't see anything.
"Just follow my voice."
He whispers in my ear.
He trails his hands down my arms until he reaches my hands.
He takes hold of my hand and starts to walk.
"Niall how do you know where you are going?" 
I laugh nervously.
"I just do."
He says.
As we are walking I hear water running.
I say, but he doesn't hear me, the water is to loud.
This time I shout.
We walk under an arch..I guess we were in a cave...
The full moons reflection cascades along the water.
This is so beautiful.
There is a lake with a huge, beautiful waterfall.
Niall still has my hand intertwined in his.
He leads me behind the waterfall to a table in the moonlight.
"Niall..What is this place?"
it's quiet now, even though it seems so loud.
My voices bounces off the walls of another cave that sparkles whenever I move.
"It's my getaway.."
He says staring into my eyes.
He turns around to the table and pulls a chair out for me and i sit down.
He sits down and looks at me resting his head on his fist.
"Maia, I know we have only known each other for a few days, but I really..Really....Like you..."
What was he doing?
He went on.
"I wanted to officialy ask you a question."
This is getting weird..but in a good way.
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
authors note
Oh my god guys, i cannot explain how sorry I am for posting this so freaking late 
Anyways...ohhhh things are heating up between Zoe and Zayn!!! 
will they stay together? 
Or will everything fall apart again like the Xfactor?
wait and see
and Oh my gosh guys Maia and Niall? 
theu are so cute!
but what will Maia say to niall?!
figure it outtt 
if you want too.
"Why would you do this to me..again.."
Tears are down her face.
"Wait! It's not what it looks like!!"
She packs her things while I am talking.
"Where are you going.."
"Back to london..Goodbye"
she leads me to the door and slams it in my face..
What just happened.
OH NO....Whats going on!?!?
you will have to find out who did what and whyy
it'll be up tonight

in What Makes You Beautiful
Louis got pulled over for driving...a little too slow.
Live While We're Young:
I Wanna SaveYOU

Chapter 11
We were all sitting downstairs on the couches and some on the floor and Niall and I were in the kitchen..
"Maia, I really like you."
I blush and walk to the sink.
"Are you sure?"
I tease.
I don't see him but he sneaks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist,
"Yes I'm sure.. Would I be doing this if I wasnt?"
We smiled.
I turned around in his arms.
He was leaning in to kiss me when we heard glass breaking.
What the hell?
We ran up the stairs into the room.
I was about to kiss her.
We heard glass breaking we ran up the stairs.
I run into the room. Blood and glass, but no one is here.
I rush to the bed and find a note.
I won't be anymore trouble to you people.

It wasn't signed but we knew who it was from.
Where did he go?! 
I ran to the bathroom to see a blade and drops of blood leading to the bath tub..
I slowly approach the curtain and slowly slide it back.....
I ran into Harrys room...What the hell happened in here.
I go to the bathroom where I see Niall at the tub pulling the curtain back.
he pulls it back and what we saw brought us both to tears, i grabbed Niall and we hugged each other.
I cry.
I am sleeping in the tub.
I was writing on my arm with red ink but it got smudged and the pen exploded.
i did accidentaly cut my arm on a shard of pen.
it hurt really bad so i smashed into a vase on the dresser and I ran to the bathroom and got in the tub to clean myself off.
I guess I dosed off because I awoke to Louis and Niall crying.
What the......
"Can you people shutup?" 
I say groggily.
I look up to them and squint because the light is shining in my eyes
Louis sniffs and wipes his cherry red nose.
I say turning my head away from Louis.
"You're okay?!"
He gets on his knees and hugs me and kisses me on the cheek.
I push him away.
"Why wouldn't I be...."
I cross my arms.
"We thought you commiteed suicide.... You cant blame us, there is broken glass in your bedroom and red liquid all over the place and you are sleeping in the tub surrounded by red water." 
Niall and Lou explain together.
I turn to Louis and start to bawl.
"Louis I'm Sorrry i was so mad i was so tired and I didn't know what was going on and yeah i was terribly mad but I thought about it and I am so sorry, I never meant to ruin our friendship!"
I get up out of the water and hug Louis burrowing my head into his shoulder.
He strokes my wet curls and tries to calm me.
"Niall can you give us a minute?"
Louis shoos Niall.
"Louis, I'm sorry..."
My clothes are soaked.
"Harry it's okay..I knew you would forgive me eventually."
I look at him and smile.
"It's because we love each other to much."
He nods and laughs.
Louis shoos me.
I lead Maia out and explained what all of this was.
We got downstairs and everyone was staring at us because of my tears and red nose.
"The hell happened up there?!"
Yelled Alexa.
"Everything is okay, just an accident."
I walk into the kitchen and continue making me sandwhich.
when i am done making the sandwhich I stuff it in my mouth and gesture Maia to follow me.
I walk to the car grabbing my coat and the keys.
I got into the car and started to eat the sandwhich.
"Is there a reason we are sitting in this car while you are eating a sandwhich?"
Maia giggles.
I nod and start the car with less than half a sandwhich in my mouth.
I sit there for a minute until I finish my food in record time.
"We are going somewhere special." 
I say swallowing my last bite.
"Well where?"
She looks out the window at the break in the clouds.
I shrug,
"I guess we will find out."
Harry and I are standing there and he is soaked.
Great now I have to change my pajamas...
"I thought you killed yourself."
I sighed.
"I was about to Louis, I really was."
i broke the hug and looked at him.
I shook my head thinking I did not just hear that.
"I stopped because I remembered what you would do."
He started to cry again.
"Harry, no....don't even say that...I do not want to hear that you were close to killing yourself!"
Harry looked at me, sat down and curled up in a ball and was screaming sorry and that he knew it was wrong..
I didn't know what to do to help.
I just sat on the floor with him and rubbed his back.
"Harry...HARRY, please.....please just.....just calm down, I can't stand to see you like this...."
He looked at me and nodded.
"Come on boy, we need to get you in some clean are sleeping with me tonight."

Authors Note!
Where is Niall taking Maia??
Now in a couple chapters before i brought Zoe and Zayn back together and now they will be the next chapterrrr lol but i dont know what to do with them, should they be together or not?
Comment what you think!!!!
Okay so i was watching a video where the boys change the words to the songs and in one of them Harry changes them to 'It's a little to hot take off your clothesss!' and now i can't sing that song without singing that line like that! lol that stinks.
"I'm scared, it's so dark!"
I reached for his hand, it was pitch black so I couldn't see anything.
"Just follow my voice."

where are these people and more importantly who are they?!
you will see ;P
take a guess...go on... comment what you think.

I Wanna SaveYOU
Chapter 10
"What the bloody hell is going on here?!"
I walk down the stairs to see Zayn with a death grip on Louis.
I cannot believe he betrayed me.
Who knew Zayn had that in him. I was one of his best friends.
Zayn let go of Lou and turned to me awkwardly.
"Listen Harry, Just because you have to be an idiot for not forgiving Lou.. Doesnt mean we dont have to..You know you love him to death and so do we. But if you want to be mad, so be it, you be mad and then dont talk to Louis for however long you want...Nobody cares..well i mean we do care, it's just that you dont have to make us ignore someone we love just because you are mad...Maybe you dont have to talk to him but maybe all of the rest of us want to. Raise your hand if you agree with me."
Everyone looked back and fourth between Harry and I for a minute before looking down at their feet. 
Niall was first...He awkwardly rose his left hand into the air.
Next was Liam.
Then Melissa. She shot her hand up and stared at Louis.
After was Courtney.
Alexa and Erin decided it was true, so their hands slowly rose high above their heads, Alexa sadly turned to Harry.
Maia and Lia didn't know us very well...yet but they still agreed with me.
Zoe got up and came to my side and rose her hand.
Maddy and Laila rose their hands too.
Amy was hesitant looking from Harry to me back to Harry and then to me again.
She got up and went over to Hazza and kept her hand down.
I rose my hand..
I looked behind me and even Louis put his hand up.
"Louis, not helping."
He put his hand down like an awkward potato.
"Alright....I see how it is." Harry sniffled and smiled at Amy.
"Let's go upstairs love, and leave all the backstabbers to their business."
He glared at Louis.
Louis shed a tear and ran after Harry.
"Harry wait!"
Up the stairs he went..
Bad idea Lou....Bad idea.
He ran to his room, of course I ran after him.....
I had to run after him....I just had to.
He was in his room...Packing a suitcase?
I grabbed his shoulder flipping him around to face me, he looked at his feet.
"Where are you going?"
He looked at me.
"I'm going Home."
He repeated.
Home? He can't go home! He is my bestfriend.
"You aren't leaving this hotel." 
I say sternly.
He looked at me and said
"want to bet?"
He went back to his suitcase and Kept packing.
"Harry, you cant leave.....You just can't."
"I can and I will." 
He mumbled.
I turned to Amy.
I said over my shoulder.
"Fine...Just know if you wont ever see me again."
I walked out glaring at Amy.
I saw Louis mouth the words
'Help me'
and he walked out.
I didnt want to go on Harry's side, but he is my bestfriend and no one was supporting him.
I turned to Harry who was angrly shoving clothes in his suitcase.
"Look at me a second."
He stopped with boxers in his hand and turned to me with a swish of his blazer he had been wearing for two days now.
"You can't leave! I'm going to miss you to much"
"No you won't." he grins.
"What are you talking about Harry?"
"You won't miss me because you are coming with me!!" He shouts.
He runs to me an hugs me.
I don't hug him back.
Go back home with him??
I couldn't possibly just pick up and leave..
"Harry.." I mumble into is chest.
He lets go and holds my shoulders.
"I can't just pick up and leave...and neither can you."
I shed a tear.
"Amy! I HAVE TO GO! i have no other choice!"
He yells at me.
"alright...there is no need to shout at me."
"Sorry..." He huffs.
I walk to his suitcase and start to unpack it for him.
"Amy STOP! I am going home whether you like it or not...With OR without you."
I throw his suitcase to the floor.
"FINE...You want to ruin yet another friendship.....Really? Fine by me....That's great Harry we are bestfriends since preschool and now you want to throw that all away for some person who got all of us mad for maybe an hour and we got over it but just hate his guts now....For some reason you just now hate everyone.....Well count me with everyone else too because this time you messed up.."
He interrupts
"IM...Im not finished. Im not finished,' I poke him in the shoulder really hard.. He rubs it and says ow.
,'You LOVE Louis....He is like a brother to you! a freaking brother! Heck if i know, he could be more than a friend for anyone knows!' I chuckle ' But if you want to throw that alll away because of one little's your loss, not his, because he has all of us behind him, but it will be your loss and i will feel sorry for you and i will say hello but if you walk out now....NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will EVER be the same between you and me or you and Louis or you and anyone for god sakes...You really want to jeoperdize friendships because of something so little you wont even care when you land in london or cheshire or where ever the hell you're going. Fine...Fine...if that is what you really want.....Then go, I won't stop you...Just will be out of the band the very second you step on that plane."
I grab my elbows, sigh and walk out trying so hard not to cry.
I slam the door shut and walk into Louis who was apparently listening to the whole thing. I smile at him and keep walking.
I look at my phone.
It's late i better get some sleep.
I jump to my room, hop into my PJ's and scram into my huge bed and shut me eyes.
Just as I fell asleep,
I heard glass breaking.
What the.....

Authors note!
Hey people 
What do you think is going to happen with harry!
and what the heck was the glass thing at the end?
figure it out in the next chapter!!
I run into the room. Blood and glass, but no one is here.
Ohh shaaat whats going to happppen!?!?!?!

okay well adios muchas!
I Wanna SaveYOU

Chapter 9
After Alexa and I spent the night at the cafeteria, I went to go check on Louis. I overheard him and Lottie chatting. I didnt want to interrupt them, so I stood ouside the door with Alexa.
"Lottie, it's not that easy to come out and say 'Oh i got my memory back yesterday and now i am faking.' Do you understand how mad they will be?!" 
Louis...Is lying?
How could he?
I walk right into the room not caring what they had to say, I was to angry at that point.
"LOUIS!" I scream waking up Lia and Liam.
"How could you!?" I start crying.
"Harry, calm down.." Lottie comes up to me.
I push her to the side.
"You were my BEST friend...." 
"Harry, I still am."
He reaches out to me.
"NO LOUIS........No..Just no."
I back away.
How could he?
No..How DARE he?
"How dare you..." I get up and slam the door on the way out.
He slammed the door and I jumped, sighed and covered my face with my hands.
"Lottie..What have i done?"
I look over to Liam.
"No Louis...Don't"
He turns and talks to Lia, I can see the tears start to roll down his face.
What have I done?
Harry walks in the cafeteria, grabs his keys and tells us to come on immediatley.
"What's going on?" Melissa and Amy say.
"He remembers.." Harry walks out.
"Well that's a miracle!" I yell 
Harry turns to me, leans on the table and sternly says,
"No...It's not."
He gets off the table and leaves.
I look around to Zayn, Zoe and the rest of the girls and shrug.
We get up and leave with him.
I'm the first to the car. I get into the passengers seat,
"Harry....What's going on...Tell me."
Harry Grabs the steering wheel and looks down, trying not to cry.
"I over heard Louis talking to Lottie....He got his memory back yesterday before we got there...He never actually forgot."
He has been lying to us this whole time..
I can't believe this.
Why would Louis..Of all people...Do that to us?
Two Days Later
The only person who has come to visit and talk to me is Lottie. Not even Liam has talked to me and he is stuck in the same room as me.
We are going home tonight.
This should be fun.....
What am I going to do...More importantly what am I going to say?
I feel bad for what I did. I let my smile turn upside down, just like my life.
I get to the house..
"Hey guys, and girls...I'm home!"
Everyone is on the couch on their phones or watching the telly...Only Melissa and Niall look up at me..No smiles just glares.
Well that hurt.

I saw Harry look up at Melissa and shake his head...
What's going on with them?
Louis' home..
I text Harry from across the room.
Come on, you know he didn't mean it.

If he didnt mean it..why'd he do it?!

I looked at him and shrugged. He shakes his head.

Just dont talk to him.... AT ALL.

But Harry..I Love him..........and so do you....I know youre mad but you love him....You know you can't deny that....even if you wanted to...

He looked at me and I saw tears in his eyes..Poor Harry. He looked down trying not to cry.
He gets up and goes up to his room.
I get up and go to my room because I'm a mess and I'm about to start crying. I do the adult thing..maybe not but still...I leave the room.
As I am walking up the stairs I hear chatter.
After Harry was out of sight we all started whispering.
"Lia, what do we do....We all cant just sit here and not talk to Louis."
She shrugs
"I don't know Amy..I wish we could talk to him but we would be betraying Harry..He is even making Melissa ignore him....It's terrible."
She looks to Liam and frowns then looks to Louis. He shakes his and and sits next to her putting his arm around her shoulders.
I turn to Alexa and Maia.
"I don't know if I can handle not talking to Louis. He is one of my bestfriends."
They shrug.. I hate shrugging...
I am so angry at louis but at the same time I want to hug him and kiss him beacause he is okay..
I wish....
I don't just have to wish you know..
This is all just a bump in the rollercoaster that is life...
I took my chance on that note.
"LOUIS!! You scared me half to freaking death! I missed you! I don't care you were faking. I care that you are okay and that you rememeber now!!!" I run to him and hug him until he is blue in the face.
I guess Harry heard the comotion because the next thing I know he is at the bottom of the steps saying
"What the bloody hell is going on here?!"
He glares at me and I release my death grip on Louis and turn to him.

Authours note!
I have been way busy this week and weekend i just dont know what happened!!!
i am going to write all day today for you guys now so it will last you a little while because i dont know how much i will be able to update because of school
Bleghh i hate school :(
again i am so very sorry this took so long
it wont happen again, i promise!
Want a teaser?
here ya goo: He ran to his room, of course i ran after him...."Where are you going?!"
He looked at me
"I'm going home."

Ohhh no who is it!?!?
why are they going home!?
figure it outt!!

I Wanna SaveYOU

Chapter 8
"Louis? No, this has to be wrong!" i scream at Harry.
I looked at the telly and the news was on
'A car has been hit by a drunk driver who has run a stop-sign. The two boys whose names are classified.......oh wait.....i have a note just a second........
uh..Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.
They seem to be okay but Louis Tomlinson has suffered from....'

Harry shuts the telly off and i glare at him
"HEY!" Why cant i know what my own brother suffers from!
"What. I think its...uh...better....for you to umm.. go see him yourself." Harry states.
"FINE! LET"S GO!" I yell
I grab the keys to my car and harry gets in with me and we drive off to the hospital.
We got to the hospital after about thirty minutes in the car, Lottie was crying most of the time and I was crying because I couldn't bare to see her like that.
When we go to the lobby of the hospital we went up to the nurse at the front desk and said we were family. We signed in and went up the elevator.
"He is in room B213" I told her.
We entered the room.
Lottie ran to Louis and he looked scared for some reason.
"Umm, who are you?" I asked the girl laying on my lap.
I didn't know who she was...She looked somewhat like me though.
She was with that curly haired boy..What was his name?
He took out his phone and called someone.
I looked back to the girl on my lap.
"Did you hear me? I asked who you were."
She looked at me, her eyes were red and puffy and mascara was running down her cheeks..She was a mess.
I felt bad.
I was supposed to know her, but I don't.
"I'm Lottie." 
Lottie is my sister!!!
"LOTTIE!" I scream
I hug her and hold her tight.
"You're my sister!" I scream
She looks at me and cries so hard and smiles so big.
"Yes! haha Yes..Yes...Yeah I am your sister..yes... " She smiles even more
I hear Louis scream Lottie's name and then I look over and see them hugging..
He remembers her......
I'm happy for them but it hurts to know I may have to 'get to know' him all over again.
I start crying and go back to my conversation on the phone.
"So um, yeah..Do you want to come to the hospital now? I really need the company...Louis just remembered Lottie..." I say slowly.
"Yeah of course I will come...There isn't a place I'd rather be than with you Harry.." Alexa is so sweet.. I love her so much.
We have been dating for about six months now.
I put my hair up in a messy bun.
I walk out the door in my pajamas, pullover sweatshirt and my ugg boots.
I grab my keys and walk out the door.
I drive twenty minuts to the hospital and meet Harry in the room.
"Harry!" I hug him.
He holds me tightly and I feel tears drop onto me and I feel his warm breath beating down on my neck. he sniffles and releases me.
"Hi Alexa." He mumbles.
I can tell he isn't in a great mood.. Obviously he isn't.. His best friend has long term memory loss.
I look at Liam who is peacefully sleeping in bed.
I walk over to Lottie and Louis.
"Hi Louis..." I say shyly.
He waves to me and says hello.
I introduce myself and he tells me it's nice to meet me and Harry is lucky to have me.
How does he know about Harry and I if he forgets who Harry is?
"Oh I spend all my time here so um he basically knows everything..Almost everything about me again..." Harry laughs a little.
I smile.
Harry is so sweet, spending all his time here for his bestfriends.
"Want to go down to the cafeteria to get some food? I haven't eaten all day." I frown.
Harry nods, waves to Louis and Lottie and we then leave them behind.
"So Harry.." I take his hand and walk close to him.
"Yes Alexa?" He asks putting his arm around my waist.
I smile.
"I missed you."
He smiles.
"I missed you too, three weeks away from each other is to long."
We get to the cafeteria and see the boys and the rest of the girls.
Harry waves to them and so do I.
Harry points to a table on the other side of the room.
"Want to sit there love?"
I nod and walk over there.
we sit down and Harry gets us a drink to split and some fries too.
He sets it down on the table and then sits down across from me. He stares into my eyes and smiles.
"What?" I laugh.
"Nothing." He shakes his head and he curves the ends of his mouth and makes a beautiful smile.
"I just love you so much."
We then spend the rest of the night laughing and talking at that one cafeteria table.
It's a perfect date.
"So now you are just faking long term memory loss?!"
I slap him on the arm.
"Louis! You can't do that!" I whisper.
He shrugs.
"The doctors know....Right?" I ask.
He nods.
"Of course they do Lottie."
"Does Liam know?"
He shakes his head.
"Wasn't he in the room when you told the doctor though?"
He shakes his head again.
"He was in the cafeteria."
We both look over at liam who is sleeping.
A girl is sitting next to him sleeping in a chair.
I point to her.
"Who is that?"
He looks at her.
"A girl Liam met at the diner before we almost died. She is awesome. Really sweet. The perfect match for Liam."
I look back to Louis.
"When are you going to tell the boys?"

Authors NOTE!
SORRY this was so late! I had homework and I fell asleep after I got home. I had a busy day. Got lost like four times. Blegh.

Can you believe Louis is faking!! 
Is that mean or do you think it's for a reason?!
What is going to happen if the boys find out?!
will they be mad or just reliefed that louis remembers?

Teaser: "How dare you..." I get up and slam the door on my way out.

oohh what's going on there??

You will see tomorrow hopefully!!
bye bye.. 
sorry again.