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My name is Sydney.
I live near Philadelphia.
I like hockey, the who, classic rock
, Demi Lovato, and cats 

I don't use witty that much anymore, so follow my twitter

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Mom:Did you get home safely? 
You:No,I died like 5 times.

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     But that doesn't mean I don't exist

believe in 

Every girl on here has a him,

and , i'm like i like cats. ♥


*** "IReaLife ***

the bad guy is actually

R E A L L Y , R E A L L Y  C U T E "

-taylor swift


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The truth is all that I can hear

every time you lie.

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I'gonna marrthnight   

not gonna cry anymore.  l    e    a    v    e         nt  h  n   g      o   n     he       s t  r e e  t s     to    explore.