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im brandon i moved to kentucky im sixteen im single get to know me.

hey mugga<3 i luh my bestfriend. and  i havent stopeed crying for like five hours since you left. brans imma misss you loads and loads. <3333 call me lates.


yo bra. ur 2 cute 2 boot. :) luv u -jasey

BRO U BETTER NOT GET WITH NE OF THESE CHICCKSS. ur too bad for themmmm. :::) kid. -lexie

Quotes by brandonbreakme

im brandon,
im single.
girls. get at me(;

im brandon.
im bored.
talk to me ?

hi im brandon. i need advice.
i think im in love with my best friend.
but she is in love with another guy.
what should i do?
i need a girls opinion, or a guys. anybodys.
your my best friend. but now i want to be more. but u love him. ):
i want u to be mine.
im brandon. ask for advice? or just talk to me?
with smallfryxx right now, hit her up.
need guy advice? ask me.
want a new friend,? hit me up
im brandon. talk to me ?
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