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Quotes by brboom

You know you love Twilight when...

You open your window every night hoping Edward Cullen will come through.<33333

Purposely creating awkward moments since 1996

012 case you weren't born in '96 or whatever you can change it

no stealing all mine!!

Boy: If i could rearrange the alphabet i'd put U&I together

Girl: U&I are already together on the keyboard....but underneath is J&K for just kidding

Boy: But N&M are underneath J&K for nevermind

Girl: Yes..and then there's the space bar for my empty heart</3

haha i thought of this randomly while looking through quotes....its not to great
Sporks: a crappy fork and spoon combined.
Dinosaurs are extinct?

Pshh no way! They're just hiding in their


Don't be tempted by their free-spirited ways of life

Gary, What i like about you

You color my world<333

*my version but not mine*

Bathroom Remodel-$1000.00
Shower in the Street-Priceless!

I love you guys soooooo much!
Friends Forever

Boys Whatever!

Just because i talk slow, doesn't mean I'm stupid....

-Jake, Sweet Home Alabama