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Breanna Leigh
First and middle name is right up there, thats what lots of people call me but i prefer Bre or Breanna. seventeen years of life so far and a junior in high school. The birthdays the 11th of march, also the day my great gram passed away. Single; My favorite color is purple, and im the youngest between me and my brother. my license and car just may be my savior in life. I tend to be a flirt. And so many people tell me im bipolar. Life hasnt been easy, I've gone through alot more than A person should have to. I never get close to people anymore, I push them all away because I've gotten hurt so much and I'm scared My family thinks im depressed and need to go see some doctor but i wont But enough about me, Noone reads these anyways. You're just here for the quotes so here you go! 
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Quotes by brebabe359

I still love him, so I try to stay friends.
I know my limits and when my feelings come out to leave. But leaving the house we used to share can be the hardest thing especially when he's asking me to stay.
I'm sick of the lies, I'm sick of the cheating, I'm sick of feeling like we are falling apart but most of all I'm sick of being the only one to try to put us back together and loving you to much to let go
Hurt me, play me, lie to me, cheat on me. Love you, help you, be honest with you, be faithful to you. Stay with you.
I wish you cared as much as I do. I wish you'd hold me like you used to. I wish we could go back to the old me & you, when you loved me and I knew you were my boo
Why does it have to be so complicated?
because thats life
why do we have to know everything about each other?
because we are best friends
why do you always have to be there to protect me?
because you're like a brother
why do you always have to comfort me?
because you care
why couldnt our parents not be friends?
because they have common interests
why did we have to grow up together?
because of our parents
Why do i have to fall so hard for you?
because i know i cannot have you without ruining something good.

So, i dont mean to put another vent up here,
but i  just really need to ge this out and i have noone to talk to
so you can skip over if you'd like,
yesterday i went to my dads for dinner and he told me he has a massive tumor on his lungs
and that the docors said it was cancerous.
I guess he's known for a month or two now and just hadnt told me which makes me kind of mad.
my dad hasnt always been there for me but he is still my dad and i love him regardless.
when he told me he started crying, ive only ever seen my dad cry once thats when his dad died of cancer.
I dont really know what to say to my dad since we were never really close.
But i feel like he's drowning his pains with alcohol now, which makes him mean and brings back memories from when i was a kid. it makes me not want to be round him,
but nowifeel bad if i stay away, i feel ike id regret it if something were to ever happen
Even though we arent close i dont know what i would do without my dad, we've been through alot togther.
i guess i just never thought anything like this would happen anyone else in my family.
you see people struggling, and you just look at them and think that will never be me, until one day it is...
Today in school this girl was joking around talking about cancer and tumors and it just made me so mad.
its not something to joke about, you never know someone sitting around youcould secretly have someone they love with this terrible thing. So people dont joke about it please.
Love you dad<3
&&Thankyou whoever reads this<3


 so i'm curious: is there more middle schoolers or high schoolers.
fave for high school comment middle 

im just curious,
what time is it foreveryone right now?
for me its 11:37
and where are you guys from
im fromthe east coast in usa.

I kind of really, seriously want a witty bestfriend, 
one that will talk with me, skype and whatever
someone 15-18 preferablee but anyone would do,
any takers? (:


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