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When something's wrong, it hits hard. Real hard.
I will not grow up anytime soon. So, fuck you? =]
I'm a complex person and I don't expect you to understand me.
But it is very simple to make me laugh.
I get the most afraid when I'm alone.
I don't believe in abortion.
  I believe in God <3
Earning my trust takes alot.
I don't believe in love at first sight.
I have a few best friends. I love them. So much.<3
Tired of drama, but this world wouldn't turn everyday if it werent for it now would it?
People make mistakes. I normally forgive and forget.
Phone= Life.

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Quotes by breebree

so what if it hurts me?
so what if i break down?
so what if this world just throws me off the edge and my feet run out of ground.
i gotta find MY place, i wanna hear MY sound,
don't care about all this pain in front of me now.

*i just wanna be happy.

--Bob Marley--
its sad when people you know,
became people
you knew,
when you can walk right past someone
like they were never a big part of your life,
how you used to able to talk for hours,
and how now you can barely even look
at them, its sad how times change.

&+ It's funny
Its funny how i'm still acting like your friend.
Its funny how when i need you, you're never there.
Its funny how you tell me you don't care.
Its funny how you dont think we're splitting apart.
Its funny how you think I'M changing,
but honey, look at yourself.
Its funny how we used to call each other...
"Best friends".... but the most funny thing about this all,
Is none of that is funny to me.

Here's to the notes lost in the washer, to the memories washed away. Here's to never forgetting. Here's to being young and never wanting to grow up. Here's to waking up next to the one you love. Here's to believing every lie people ever told you. Here's to those that just need someone to sleep next to. Here's to change, both good and bad. Here's to missing people you care about. Here's to moving on. Here's to feeling infinite. Here's to all the wishes at 11:11, hoping one day they'll come true. Here's to remembering old friends. Here's to all the words we never said and to the ones we choke on. Here's to holding your breath in that one perfect moment. Here's to the ones who were on top of the world but fell off. Here's to every tear you've wasted on people who never cared. Here's to trying to be perfect even when you know its not possible. Here's to finding him, and holding on tight. Here's to the nights spent living for the moment. Here's to speaking the most honest words you've ever spoken in your life. Here's to those who fall in love in their dreams. Here's to not knowing, and not wanting to know. Here's to those who wonder where love starts. Here's to serendipity... even if it doesn't last. Here's to the girls who fall too fast... and know it. Here's to the songs that make you feel like nothing hurts. Here's to the ones who bend over backwards to be loved, but aren't. Here's to everyone who has ever cried themselves to sleep. Here's to those nights where you just can't sleep. Here's to every word they said to you replaying, over and over. Here's to leaping before you look. Here's to the times I wish I had said no. Here's to the times I'm glad I said yes. Here's to that tingly butterfly feeling you get when he's around. Here's to the nights when feelings change, for better or worse. Here's to the first kisses. Here's to those who survived to become stronger, better people. Here's to life, as hard as it may be, and picking yourself up when you've fallen down <3
MAMA said girls are of the devil

  Mama: The chickens are comin' home to roost, Bobby Bousche. You'll reap the fruit of your selfish ways! You gonna lose all your fancy foosball games and you're gonna fail your big exam...because school is...
Bobby: The devil!
Mama: Huh!
Bobby: Everything is the devil to you, MAMA! Well, I like school! And I like football! And I'm gonna keep doin' 'em both, cuz they make me feel good!...And by the way Mama, Alligators are ornery, cuz their medulla oblongata!......And I like Vicky, and she likes me back! And she showed me her boobies and I like them too!

water boyy<3

welcome to a world;;
where people talk about each other
and everyone tries to be
and nobody can keep a secret
and friendships that were supposed to last "forever" were broken</3
yeah, well... its called
Hanging Out. Making Out.
Sneaking Out. Passing Out.
Whatever happens,Happens
with NO REGRETS <3
P E R S O N A L i T Y C A P T U R E S T H E H E A R T