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l o v e  is a  r e l a t i o n s h i p  that breaks  f r i e n d s h i p .

she's not turning the page,
she's writing a whole new book; & this time,
leaving you out

secret # 1
i hate relationships, because i'm scared of commitment

letter # 1 -
dear best friend,
well hiyaa. i just wanted to say i wouldn't get any whre in life without you. you've been there through good times  bad. all the times we've talked on the phone, tears and smiles. & everything in between. i lovelovelove you .
                                     love always; me :)

i lost you to my best friend, once.
- no, never again. guess what ?
i lost you to her again.

right click my  h e a r t  & save as  b r k e n  

the more original you are, the more people will copy you

& i do want you to know id hold you up above everyone
& i do want you to know i think you'd be good to me,
& id be so good to you