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The name is aubrie. :)
15 years younnng, just moved to Georgiaaa. <3
i'm stronger than most other girls you meet, but i have the biggest heart.
my life? cheer, bestfriends, famillllia, and my booy.
i don't have many quotes yet, but i'll get therrre:)
i'm a party person, the baddest bitch, and daddy's little girlll.
get to know meee <3

Quotes by breezybeex3

in life, God doesn't give you the people you want. instead, he gives you the people you need; to teach you, to hurt you, to love you, and make you exactly the way you should be.♥
It's okay to say you've got a weak spot, you don't always have to be on top.
Better to be hated than loved for what your nottttt.
See youll be catching feelings, ill be catching planes.
Story of my life, your just another pageee.
how beautiful would it be if society was blind?
if you weren't put in a 'clique' because you're all pretty or because you don't meet other people's standards.
you're friends with the people you hangout with because you all get along perfect.
boys don't love you because you're hottt or because you have a nice body,
they love you because you're real and you care. if everyone saw your heart instead of your face.
everyone would be happy.
Someone told me "You're too pretty to be single!"
I said "No, I'm too pretty to be lied to, cheated on, and played with."
He won't let anyone hurt you,
but he'll hurt you more than anyone.
                             every girl needs three things in her life;
                 love to make her weak, a drink to make her strong,
                and a bestfriend when both make her hit the floor.
Do not concern yourself with things you cannot control.
Cry when you need to then let go when it's time.
Don't hang onto painful memories just because you're afraid to forget.
Let go of things that are in the past.
Forget things that aren't worth remembering.
Stop taking things for granted.
Stop taking life for granted.
Live for something. Live for yourself. ♥
never cry over a boy.
because girls, they give and forgive.
but boys..they get and forget.
Watching you walk out of my life hasn't made me afraid of love or bitter,
instead it's shown me that if I wanted so badly to be with the wrong person,
how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.