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Biggest comeback when we were kids..
   I know you are but what am i?
Plot Twist:
He really DID steal your animal crackers
All those people, children, in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in CT.
None of us will ever know what that man was thinking as he did what he did.
All we seem to do is hate, and hate, and spurn the man.
But I'm sending out a prayer for those kids, teachers, staff, principle, all those who died today.
I pray for the families of these people, for friends, for those who saw it happen, for everyone.

Today a man in China stabbed twenty-two students.
I pray for all those people, all those kids, all who were hurt by this attack.
I pray for their families, for those effected.
I still wonder what made him do this.

A man shoot people in a mall just yesterday.
I pray that we soon understand why.
I pray that it doesn't happen again, but it will.

Last week a boy killed his girlfriend.
So much death around us.
So much violence.
So much hate.

Put your name here to tell people that you stand against violence, that you want peace, and most of all that you have these same prayers as me. Because no matter what, God has a plan, and Satan will try to stand in and cut off the peace and happiness that we work hard to creat. I will start the chain, the question is, will you add your name?


Im not anti-social
 im anti-stupid

You my dear,
are like the first piece of bread
everyone touches you
but no one really wants you


Men used to say

"Why marry the cow when you can get the milk for free" 

Girlies,, now these days I think we can ask

"Why take home the whole pig

if all we want is a 

little sausage"


Sometimes you need to lose an eye
to see yourself for the
first time
-Sensative Pirate


Plot Twist:
The world actually ends
on 12/21/12

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