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Hello :) My name is Bresome. All of my freinds call me that but i don't know why...anyways I'm 14 and I am full of love. I play a lot of sports and you could call me sort of awkward in social situatiuons. I play volleyball, basketball, track, and I am a cheerleader. My favorite bands are Never Shout Never, Sleeping With Sirens, and Black Veil Brides. I'm very shy at first, but once I get comfortable I get completley insane. :P I'm very colorful and am very passionate about simging and playing guitar. I also like to meet new people. My twin sister Hannibanani27 inspired me to get on this website and I abosolutley love it! You should follow her she's a great person and makes a lot of great quotes. My favorite colors are electric blue and orange. My kik is Brieeverly if you ever need anyone to talk to or you're just bored :). OH! And my SnapChat is brie_everly2. I love you all! 

Quotes by bresome

 Be who you are
and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind
~ Dr.Suess
Before I met you,
I never knew what it
would be like to
look at someone
 and smile for
no reason
I knew the first time we met
You'd be hard to forget
That boy just stole
my heart

Your smile
Puts the city lights to shame

You make my heart
skip a beat like a
scratched cd <3
I'm not a perfect girl, 
My hair doesn't always stay in place, 
I spill things a lot,
I'm VERY clumsy,
Sometimes I have a broken heart. 
My friends and I sometimes fight
And maybe some days it seems like nothing goes right.
But then I think about it & take
step back I remeber how amazing life
truly is and through all my imperfections...
I still have Witty.
Truly great friends
are hard to find,
difficult to leave, 
impossible to forget.
In life we never
lose friends.
We only learn who 
our true ones are.
The first to apologize
is the bravest.
The frist to forgive 
is the strongest.
The first to forget
is the happiest.