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Quotes by brienne

I must have mistaken

the ticking time bomb as the beat of your heart.


those tears your crying
won't last forever. lean on my shoulder. No, its not over. ♥ 


you have a Tumblr comment the link and I'll follow you!
When I'm bored I tend to make
mustaches out of my own hair. 

thats just how I roll.

was that an earthquake
or did you just rock my world?

Mirror on the wall
here we are again. through my rise and fall you've been my only friend.
LOL. Haii, I'm someone. :)

(Never regret)
if it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's expirience.


to be someone else  is a waste of the person  you are.


Guess how I got out of Iraq