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Quotes by brienne

HElp! My grAdes have Fallen and they can't get up!
someone call Life Alert!.


l l l l l
 according to the preview of this quote 

I'm supposed to have 1569 faves and 69 comments.


taking a page out of the mind of a teenager, I see.


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This is the story of a girl
who cried a river and drowned the whole world.

Does anyone else
get tired of seeing all the top quotes by the same person?


that awkward moment
when you have to pee really bad but there's not a bathroom around

not my format

Even angels have their wicked schemes
and you take that to new extremes.

Mom: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:  Uhm yeah
Mom: Does he exsist?
Me: Obviously
Mom: Does he know you exsist?
Me: Not yet.


open books, not your legs 
blow minds, not guys



Looks grab the attention
Personality grabs the heart

no matter what I say
i'm not over you.

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