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Quotes by brienne

That awkward moment

when you step on a corn flake and become a serial killer.

I f
You were a transformer you'd be 
Optimus  Fine

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Witty should have a forever alone category
For    the    girls   like   me ♥



today at lunch it started raining
and he kissed me in the rain 
he just laughed when I screamed
because my hair was getting wet


Is there a ship in relationship because when its over you can say "well that ship has sailed"?

Boy, you are dumb.

you weren't using your head when you cheated on her?
Yes you were. Just not the one attached to your neck.



The real reason  why Santa is so jolly
is because he knows where all the bad girls live

The sole perpose of a middle name

is to know when you're in really big trouble





and I know


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