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Me meeting Harry one day

me: *hands him a piece of paper*
Harry: Let me guess, this is your Twitter and phone number
me: Haha, no what kind of fan do you think I am?
Harry: Then what is it?
me: My address
Me: The front door will be unlocked.
me:  I will be waiting Harold

M e :    He loves me,

           He loves me not,

           He loves me,

           He loves me not...


H i m : He loves you


M e : O . O .

being "popular"
isn't going to help you get

into Harvard
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*He* asked [Me] out

Throughout the day,
Random people would walk up to me and give me a note with a word on it.
By the end of the day, the whole note said
"Will you be my girlfriend"
When I looked up he was standing there holding the
{Question Mark.}
lol jk he just gave me a note that said to meet him outside and i couldnt find him .



Me: Silly goose, that shark isn't going to help you.



*Opens pack of bread*
*skips the first piece because it's ugly*
Fav if this is you:)

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This drug is very efficient for cases of chronic boredom.
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I have a friend named David,
he lost his ID yesterday
We call him Dav now.


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