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Hi, How Are you. Don't forget your beautiful!

Quotes by brightvampierqueen

It hurts to cut him out of my life because he was my best friend. But I needed to because he was toxic to my heart and mind. Goodbye, my toxic best friend. Maybe one day you can just be, my best friend.
Water a pool of people we know and dont. Blood Family that we have known our intire lifes. Blood is thicker then Water , But when they mix they become equal.
I Love you.... But your Breaking my Heart. 
So now is when you decide what I'm worth to you.
I walk through the halls of most peoples  Hell, seing my friends waiting by the library. I wave the wait. I over hear numeros conversations about how this person Is cute or this person Is Beautiful. I walk Hannah, Avery and Mace to there Bus. I hear the same conversations.I start the walk home to my personal hell called Home.Its to hard to escape the conversations of vanity.I think about the conversations I hear,trying to think back to the last time someone called me beautiful, or even remotly pretty. I can't... Because no ones ever thought of me as beautiful, not atleast someone who cares enough to tell me. If My own mother can't look me in the eye and call me beautiful, then who can??
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but in the darkness is when we truly see the light.
Yesterday One of my class mates said to me. "I'm going to need a pain killer from looking at your face."
People like this enrage me, so just to make him mad I said.
"My beauty hurts you that much. AW thanks." 
He was awstruck.
The monsters under my bed are whispering to the ones under my closet. 
I hate it when people say I'm to young to love.
I want to go up to them and tell them to diffine love,
one time I did and they replied
"Well love is what happens between a boy and a girl in 2 diffrent familys"
I told them "That is one kind of love. But you don't relise that thereare 1,000 kinds of love in the world. Or are you saying you don't love your kids, your parents, your pets?"
The stood there dumstruck and I walked away.

I will always have my arms open to my enimes.
It is just wether they choses to walk into them.
That is what keeps us from being freinds.
I know a girl who grew up to fast.
And now all she wants to do is go back.
Who is this girl who gave away her childhood?
Well the girl who decied that she wanted to be mature and confident.
She got her wish and regrets it everyday.
Now she wright here insteds of plays.