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Áine. Ireland. 18*.

I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow ;)

*heh hi i haven't been on witty in 7 months. im 18 now like i can drink and drive legally (not at the same time) and i'm doing my leaving cert UI2HEJHUG3PRFIWRG what is life. tbh im only on this again to procrastinate studying because omg leaving cert = stress. i just want money i dont even want a job. gah. im amazed i have any followers left. i kinda forgot about witty and i got a tumblr and yeah. since i was on last we moved to dublin. its all shits and giggles. anyway ill probably never log in again but whatever.

Quotes by brillt27

ladies, some advice:

any guy can look cool on a motorcycle. if you really wanna know what kind of man you got...

watch him walk into an unexpected spider web

i never befriend other serial killers.

they're all backstabbers 
friend: did you just fall down?
me: no. i gave the floor a hug.
friend: but you were crying..


i dont understand how i can get so much joy from covering my pets with blankets and watching the lump move around

my family is so poor we all instagram the same plate of food.  

how come when you call 911 its always a woman?

i just want to hear a guy answer the phone and be like
"dude, send me pics" 

how much of this no more tears shampoo do i have to feed this baby before it shuts up?
cop: do you know why i stopped you?
me: because you were picked on throughout high school and for once in your sh*tty life you have power?


you know what's easier than putting on sunscreen?
not going outside. 



i screamed at my step ladder.