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Áine. Ireland. 18*.

I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow ;)

*heh hi i haven't been on witty in 7 months. im 18 now like i can drink and drive legally (not at the same time) and i'm doing my leaving cert UI2HEJHUG3PRFIWRG what is life. tbh im only on this again to procrastinate studying because omg leaving cert = stress. i just want money i dont even want a job. gah. im amazed i have any followers left. i kinda forgot about witty and i got a tumblr and yeah. since i was on last we moved to dublin. its all shits and giggles. anyway ill probably never log in again but whatever.

Quotes by brillt27

me: how much is this poster of the incredibly sexy woman?
salesman: that's a mirror, miss.

dog: Hi, I'd like to make a dee-paws-it
bank teller: Haha that's funny!
dog: My finances are not a fúcking joke, Jessica.


whoever told me boys are like boomerangs has obviously never thrown one. they don't fly very well and die when they hit a tree. :(

i bought a set of Insanity Workout DVDs but i havent lost a pound which is bullsh1t because i've been sat here for two weeks watching them

i may not be that smart or funny or athletic or good looking or talented...

shít i forgot where i was going with this

my sister just tried to ask me if i wanted to go to bed but instead it came out, "do you want to use the sleep?"

and then she just looked really horrified at herself and whispered, "maybe i need to use the sleep"
cop: anything you say can and will be held against you
cop: awww.


so there's this new documentary about white trash

i only saw the trailer

i just want to be rich enough to have Morgan Freeman read me bedtime stories

fun fact:

vegetarians live up to nine years longer than meat-eaters.
nine horrible, tedious, meaningless, baconless, worthless, meatless years.
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