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i can be a . im a lover but i will fight for the ones i love. i love hunting , fishin, and oh how i love mudding :) i aint non of them preppy chicks who are afraid of a little dirt. i cant stand most people. i woul stay on my good side.. im  not perfect and i make a lot of mistakes, i am a really nice person and most people say i have a good personality.

Quotes by brittanybitch51812

i remember the first day
when you took my breath away
and when you kissed me
there was no place in this world that i'd rather be..
i just wish we were meant to be.

i dont know what it was about you
that made me feel the way i do..
but all i can say is ..
i really miss you </3
at one point in life when you think your in love with that one boy..

out of all the others you've dated you swear that this is the one your in love with.

until you cry over him

hurt for him

go out your way and do everything you possiblely can...
just for him..

but if you really sit down and think for awhile..

there's more times youve been hurt..

more times youve cried..

more times you really arent even happy..

all because of him.. 

still think your in love with that one boy.?

well he isnt the one..

that one guy will come and youll always be happy.

never hurt..

always smiling..

and never crying.. 

and it will all be because of him <3


love is a song that never lasts
it has a begining and an edns </3
the way i felt about you will forever stay the same <3
if you want to know where your heart is
look where your mind goes
when it wanders
if you love some one let them free
if they come back it was meant to be
but if not 
it never was </3
"babe i love you more than my guns and bows, and them mean the world to me."

gotta love my hick <3
you finally love someone...
but you always end up missing them in the end.
love is a wonderful thing
until that certain someone wrecks it