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My names brittany,Im 17, i'm a senior in high school , im a bitch thats the first thing you should know about me so please dont get on my bad side, i love to write sometimes its my escape i put my headphones on grab a pen and a piece of paper and jsut write whatever comes to my head. My best friends and my family are the people that keep me sane. I dont know what i would do without them in my life, Im a unique person and im hard to deal with so if you dont like it then id leave cause if you cant hande at my worst then you dont deserve to see me at my best, My husband is Jacoby ellisbury <3(just so everyone knows lol ) ANYWAYS if you wanna get to know me dont be afraid to talk to me :-* Seeeyuuhlattturrr(:



Quotes by brittanylynn

That moment when you realized
that you have fallen in love with you bestfriend


I think mine credit to whoever :-*

/...People always say it’s the hardest to watch something that means everything to you walk away.
I think the other hardest thing to do
is watch the person you’re in love with fall in love with someone else.../

That awkward moment:
When a person walking towards you waves or speaks
You think they are talking to you and you start to wave 
 or speak but then you realize they are talking
to the person that is behind you -_-


If jocked lemme know.(:

And as i lay in your arms
listening to your heartbeat
you held me tighter
the only thought 
that was going through my head is that 
Im in love with you and i want no one else
but you.<3

"promise me now, and never let go of that promise."
"I promise"



And why is it when he is so close
I just cant breath

"...Tell me how did we get so comfortable
How did we get so far from wonderful
How did we get close to the end
How did we get
How did we fall out of love... "


How did we-jason derulo ft auburn
Song that fits me ): I need broken-Brittany lynn



Should i believe the person who says 
he loves me

the people who says
he doesnt...


Idk if mine but if not credit to whoever :-*

// ...And I just don't know what to do
I need you like Tiger needs pooh... //


Idk if this is mine if not give credit to whoeveerr.:-*