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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen / Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson by AC Lima.
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Vampires<33 by Indian Summer,.Twilight Background/Wallpaper by lOnglOstwOrdswhisperslOwlytOme.

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good kisser test
1st-hold ur breath
2nd=go to another song
3rd-post this comment
4th-u make it?
You Say Jonas Brothers- I say KORN
You say Vanessa Hudgens- I say KATY PERRY
You say High School Musical- I say 8 MILE
You say I wanna be like you- I say TWISTED TRANSISTOR
You say Rap- I say METAL
You say i'm weird- I say Hell Yea
Alot of kid's have turned to pop, Fake rock, Or Rap. If you are one of those kids, Copy and paste this to 3 videos
I'll stay up through the Twilight,
To watch the New Moon
Transform into an 
Then at Breaking Dawn,
I'll sit with you under the Midnight Sun.

I abosolutely LOVE Twilight:)

Not mine!!!!!

Did u hear about Chris Brown???
He got put into jailcuz he was
beating up Rihana!!!!
Team Twilight!!!=]]]]
Team Harry Potter!!!=0

Tell me whose better!!!
=] Britty

Bella and Edward work together pretty well in the movie!!! i hope the movie for New Moon comes out soon!!!!!
She Cries
He acts like nothing happened!!!

He said he didn't like her
She thought he didnt like her any!

She was in love with him
He really did love her but never admitted it!!

But two years went by and she still had feelings for him
He called her and said he loves her!!

Now they are married with one baby boy
Named Gabe!!!!!

I♥ the Twilight gang!!!!

=] Britty
Hey All you Twilight lovers...
Here's a petition for you!!

Copy && Add your name and post as a quote...
Stop all of the "Stop the Twilight Quotes" Posts!

Sign if you luvv twilight and want the quotes to stay!

Petition Peeps Sign Here::
how 'bout yeah lemonlimewhatever ?
- xoximyoursxox
- xXliveXlaughXvampiresXx
~loveitxoxo.... yeah just STOP reading them if you don't like 'em

xxkisskissxx- keep twilight
xxmorgieroxxxx22- they better or... idk but they better keep it i ♥ twilight!
ilovenickjonas__x3- i love twilight!
cheerroxmysox12 <3
xoChandlerox8; eff all them haterss

Angelz4life <3

MuSiCxx16-addicted to Twilight<33

=] Britty_bby-in lov
e with the Twilight saga!!!!
New Moon sucks because Edward is out of it until the end of the book.
Bella is starting to like Jacob
and its not the greatest book but i'll still read  it.