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hey there! (:
my names brittini, but most just call me brit. im currently 15 and a freshman in high school. its not the greatest, but i survive. ive been told im probably the nicest person anybody could know, and i try to be! i love meeting new people, and im always up for partying (; dont get me wrong, i can come off sweet and innocent. but this girls a rebel child and will do anything crazy. people who are immature drive me crazy, but we all have our moments. i have alot more quotes than what is on this site. it becomes a hassle to post them! so just IM me at xoxBFLZxox or abusedxXxsmile (: ill be more than happy to get you what you need, even if that means making you a new quote!
peace and love

Quotes by brittybaby1234

breaking up isnt the hardest part, seeing him with another girl, smiling and laughing, is. knowing hes happy while your still miserable, is the hardest part. watching him walk away from what you two used to share and just act like he doesnt care. it makes you more depressed, then what you already are. it also makes you think 'wow shes so gorgeous and nice and caring, why cant i be like that?', when really she might just be the ordinary girl you never paid much attention to before this whole situation. boys arent worth it, sometimes you just gotta live up to the fact that if he doesnt care then why the hell should you. if you move on and show him you dont care, hell get jealous. all boys get jealous over those kinds of situations, its hilarious. boys are ridiculous when it comes to jealousy, so really if you want him back, then make him jealous <3


Your life fell apart in your hands, and youve got the scars to prove it.
Its not the first time, and theyre getting

&+ i just have this feeling that
somethings just not right. i feel
like im gonna crash and burn
please dont leave me tonight

**cute editz
look me in the eye and say it one last time...
i love you. those three little words i fear the
most. just break me down and make me cry
dont worry sweetie ill be alright<|3
&+ the way she smiles is the way its meant to be ; you and her are perfect for eachother both very perfect in your own way ; you make her giggle just cause you smiled at her and she makes you smile just cause shes the most beautiful girl in your eyes ; yah shed kill to love you but too much has gone wrong before ; show her how to love again and baby youll have to key to her heart <33
i wasnt exspecting this but maybe i shouldnt
waste my time anymore. your only one boy,
ive gotten over boys before, maybe ill do the
same for you cause i know you only want her
and im a backup so yah i think im gonna move on,
move on for now

cuteeee edits* i/m me xoxBFLZxox
paralyzed by those same old antics ;
back and forth like some walking spastic
how can a fistfight be romantic ?
wondering what itd be like
to actually be happy for once in my life
she's an artist, a painter actually;
see that 'smile' on her face?
well it's her most famous piece