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i like... boys, greenday, my chemical romance, blink-182.. most rock bands... ummm i love happy bunny and skateboarding and im in a band.. *smiles*

Quotes by brok3nh3art4lyf

Th3y s@y th3 h3@rt of rock @nd roll is still b3@ting
@nd from wh@t i s33 i b3li3v3 '3m
now th3 old boy m@y b3 b@r3ly br3@thing
but th3 h3@rt of rock @nd roll is still b3@ting

huey lewis*heart of rock and roll
why be plain? when you can be CRUNCHY!!
^^ on a nestle crunch wrapper
this is a rake and shovel convorsation
no hoes allowed
this is a taco/barito convorsation.. NACHOS!

nachos sounds like not yours lol
i played poker with tarot cards..
i have a full house and 4 people dead...
boii ur sooo cut
u must need a BAND-AID!!
3 little teddy bears were planning a party
there was cute bear.. oblivious bear and smart bear

cute bear said "ill bring the cake"
smart bear said "ill cut the cake and bring the cheese"
oblivious bear says "ill cut the cheese and have a slice of cake"

no matter what you try to do
you just gotta *l*i*v*e*s*t*r*o*n*g*