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Give me strength when I'm standing and faith when i fall. <3

My name's Milica (the ending is like that in pizza). What's there to say about me? .. I'm pretty random and almost always an enegizer bunny! I love helping people and being there to make a difference to someone!! I am unique and surely one of a kind, and I embrace my weirdness!! :) Don't like me? Oh well. And labels me nothing to me, because I am who I am and won't let you change me. 

I love writing, so Witty is a small sample of my writing.. FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW ;]

Quotes by brokenbones

I don't get it.. why me? 
What makes me so special?
You say you're picky and reserved,
so what makes me different?
I wish you'd kiss me already..
You don't see it, but I do..
You say you don't see us together 
but we have something great.
You're afraid of commitment 
and fear that I'll be like the rest.
If you opened your eyes,
you'd see that I'm not.
I'm here for you.
You're afraid of scaring me away,
so, instead, you're pushing me away.
You'll ever know exactly how I feel 
because no words can describe it all.
I don't get it.
I'm so comfortable with you
and yet it's only been 3 weeks
that we're together.
You've accepted me for me
and don't let me push you away.
Thank you, babe.
You think I'too good to be true, 
so you trconvincing yourselthat it's true.
Somone can be genuine and sweet,
have a big heart, and intoxicating eyes wita smilto die for.
I'm sad ..all the time. :(
If you didn't want me to go, then why did you watch me leave?
Please, never ever think for one second that someone you met at a bar is genuine or worth it. That is NOT a place to meet someone.