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This is it. I've gotten it all ready for me right in front of me. The noose is a rope I recently purchased so hopefully it will do it. I do not know how to express my appreciation in any greater way then a Thank You. thank you Pariah98, smile777, livelifeloud, faderavenstar, 5loveyoulikeanything, & last but not least MontgomeryBlue, Kelsey. I'm tired of the tears, the bruises, the lies, the fear, the anger, the sadness, and the depression. This is what needs to be done. Thank you everybody on witty who said something or faved a quote of mine, i read every single comment. I hope to somehow meet you all in another life of mine, perhaps the next. May all your dreams come true, and may nothing but good things happen to each one of you all. Cherish your lives. Good night and good bye <3 
Thank you. 
Thank you to everybody that tried to prove that people do care. It's a shame that witty people aren't people I see everyday. You guys don't understand though, my life is not worth living anymore. Mom beats me, Dad ra_pes me every couple of days, Boyfriend abuses me, and my friends... Ha they are long gone. I have nobody. You may sit there thinking, "she's so dumb, she should just report them to the cops" Yeah well my dad's a cop. Chief in my town. No one will take my word over his. I am at a dead end and even though I got to 100+ faves... I am going through with killing myself. For tomorrow night, I have decided to hang myself instead of pills, it is easier and less painful, plus more quick. Thank you, again. Good bye to all of you wonderful people out there. 
I have the pills ready in the container next to me. 100+ faves in the next 2 days, showing me that people out there actually care, and I won't kill myself. Otherwise goodbye world, it was nice while it lasted <3 At midnight Thursday, I will be leaving this world. not that anybody even cares.