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Quotes by brokenheartedsunshine

I don't want to need you again,

I just want to love you again.

I don't say I love you

because I don't want to lie

Just because I'm in a relationship,
doesn't mean that>>>>>
I've moved on.

you have no idea how much I loved you.


i almost hate letting people into my life
because they always leave.


Did you actually think you [ m a t t e r e d ] to him?
Silly girl.
not my formattttt!


I am in love with your smile
I am in love with your voice
I am in love with your body
I am in love with your laugh
I am in love with your eyes
I am in love with you


You're a complete jerk
but I can't seem to get over you. 


Let's cuddlunder the stars,
& tell each each other everything.



Let's be honest;
He'd pick her over me
any day.