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brokenheartedsunshine's Favorite Quotes

The series finale of iCarly ends with
Miranda Cosgrove waking up
from a coma in a hospital bed, 
with Drake and Josh by her side
saying, "Megan?" 


i used to be a really smart kid who was “going places” but now
i just cry a lot and eat all the food in the fridge

Horror movies are always so stereotypicial.  They're always in abandoned houses, hostpials/asylums, and hotels.

You know where I want to see a horror movie take place?


"Cleanup on isle 13."
"But there is no isle 13..."



BravoSierra's format (=

[ Thingwe'vall don#9 ]

written an earlier date on a piece of homework so it wouldn't look like you did it last minute

should I continue?

I used to be obessed with you,
now im just over you



That awkward moment

when you get out of the shower

 and you don't have a towel


Me at the beginning of the summer: Now that's it's summer, I'm going to start losing weight!
Me now: Now that school's starting, I'm going to start losing wieght!


The best person 
To talk about the problems in your relationship
Is the person
You're in a relationship with.


Tell me why it hurts so much.

Tell me why I feel so weak and

broken when it was supposed to

make me stronger. Tell me why

I'm so terrified of being alone. 

Just please, tell me. I'm tired

of being so screwed up.