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Quotes by brokenteengirl

At a hockey game,
One guy who used to be on my team kept complaining that he was cold
& since were friends he kept asking me if he could wear my sweat-shirt
& all i could think was dude I'm a girl , you wearing my sweat-shirt would be weird
I think I'm right aren't I ?
 Or is that a double standard? 


is cold ,it causes allot of problems & it tastes a little bitter
but at night with all those bright lights
you have to admit
it's  a beautiful disaster.


That one person who thinks it's funny 
 to sneak up behind you & stick a ice cube down your shirt or pants
yeah my sister thinks its funny 

 Laying in the snow watching  the snowflakes fall 
iPod's playing your favorite tunes.
your feeling kinda cold but you don't mind,
because your sweet Love is by your side
& moments like this don't  happen all the time


I like to fall backwards in the snow
I guess , it gives me a little rush.

Trying to get up

without wrecking,
 your perfect snow Angel

{ Each one of my Quotes }
comes from within
Wether I'm
digging back into my past or present.

Though my life may at times be royally bucked up
 I keep my head held high
wear a up smile on my face 
then when i get home i break down and these people have my back

|| i am thankful for my grama ,mom,sister,brother,gordy,my relationship holder<33,myyyfriends,emma,the Nice people on witty , my friends from hockey , the people of & some other people ||
I am not alone =]

I do not want people to favorite this please this is just my last quote for i am leaving for a while cause its holiday break. 

I like to shake snow globes
I guess , it gives me a little rush.


is one thing i know I'm good at.
It feels like i practice all the time.

Putting your tongue on something cold .
& having it stick then the hott fire fightters have to come and  peal you off