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The world is not a wish granting factory.


Quotes by brookeleigh626

"We need out own show."
-said every group of friends ever.
teenagers or 
young adults
who have
chosen to
from the rest
of society.

this world is mad.

You  keep  my  feet  on  the



So Today
i asked my dad what he would
do if he saw me on the news it
saying that i shot people and
was in a high speed chase.
His answer, "i would ask them
when you went outside
and left the house to do this."
not even joking.

When i die
dont you dare
come to my grave
and tell me
you love me

because those words
were the only thing
i would have needed
to stay.


"We need our own show."
- said every group of friends ever.

Does the pale glow of my computer make me look hot or.

i fall in-love with fiction characters.

Written on these walls
are the storys that i can't