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Brooke (;

I would have laid down
& died for you, but I no longer cry
for you.


fate controls;
who walks into your life but you
control who you let stay, who you let leave
& who you refuse to let go.

You're beautiful, don't ever forget that
no matter who or what tries to make you think otherwise.

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favorite quote of the week:
A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you
& me might end up together, it's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert, but I'm
holding you closer than most because you are my heaven.


long sleeve dark blue shirt, far right; MINE. backoff(:
aren't they beautiful?(:




Quotes by brookiiixoxo315

Welcome to
population: your new girlfriend. =p
I miss the way Witty was when it wasn't

all about One Direction.



there's somebody out there
       for everyone.


to be old & wise
you must first have to be, young & stupid.


that annoying moment when..
you're about to get in the shower & you look in the mirror & realize that at that moment that's the best you've looked all day & you want to take a picture but you can't because you aren't wearing clothes anymore.

Seeing A Bunch Of Random Letters
& automatically starting to look for a hidden message.


Aw, what happened?
did you wish for a dick

but became one instead?


Hi who's this..

Oh awk.

That awkward moment when this happens to you & you thought they had your number..  



That feeling of relief you
get when your phone turns
on after dropping it.



That awkward moment when you're about to hug somebody sexy & you head butt the