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I've moved, to here.

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Hello, my beautiful followers.
I got a new account awhile ago, and just realized I have a lot of followers on this account, but not very many on my new one. So, if you could go follow me there, it would be greatly appreciated.(: My new username is graciiexbaybayyx3 Thank you.

He doesn't know it, but he saved my life. Literally. Saved my LIFE.

It's better to have loved & lost
            than never have loved at all.

Keep your head held high, beautiful. You can see heaven better that way.

I can still feel you lean into kiss me,
i can't help but wonder if you ever miss me.

i haven't seen you in ages,
                         sometimes i find myself wondering where you are. 

I might look calm, but in my head I have killed you 3 times.

"Hey! Where did ______ go?
 "He saw your face, and ran." 

Texting someone in the same room as you,
& staring at them until they get it.