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Heyyyy Im Mia, 14 years old, Fresshhiiieee. I can be classified as emo, weird, ugly, a freak, stupid, fat, a cutter

Do i think all of those are true.. sometimes i believe them but i know im beautiful in my own way.

My thought is if you have haters then that means you actuallty stuck up for something in your life. 

I'm huge into sports basketball, softball, golf.(i play all those) Fav teams Boston Red Sox, Boston Cletics, Boston Bruins, and New York Jets. 

I <3 Music. Favorite bands/Artists:  MACKLEMORE <3 Sleeping With Sirens, Falling In Reverse, Secondhand Serenade, Ed Sheeran, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day, A7X , Nevershoutnever and many more.

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Short lived happiness is over.
Alex is being transferred yet again to another hospital, he's awake and was talking to me, but the doctors had found something in his brain. He's scared which scares me because he's so tough and strong and its different to see him like this. He keeps saying "If i die" He won't die though, he can't. So please i don't care if you believe in dirt, or a "God" of your own. Pray to anything that my baby makes it out okay. Please.
<3 I love you Alexander <3


"Whatever happens, just know I truly loved you, always, I fell for you so hard, and you are so perfect, and I'm me. And I never regret you the only thing I regret not saying how much you really mean to me. You are the one of the best things happened to me. First few nights I told you how I would always marry a girl thats my best friend. But with time I realized that I'd give it a shot with you, because you are so special, and yeah it's only one month with you, but it's different. Even if we don't last. You're always going to have place in my heart. Just live and try to be happy. I love you. I have to go baby. <3 Stay strong. You're always in my heart, and I'm always in yours. Never forget it."
~ Alexander
This just.... this is why he's so perfect.
I love him. Pray for him.
do you really care?
because lately it seems like you don't
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Remember when the little things mattered?