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my names brianna.
 witty is my escape it helps me get through the day.
it makes me laugh and cry and just be happy.
so when i say witty is amazing i mean it. :) 
all the girls on here are gorgeous.
they help me through the hard times.
and they make me shoot up with joy from there nice comments and advice.
i have had some rough times in life but they make it all better.
i just want to say thank you for being there and 
all of you have beautiful souls.

Quotes by brribrrianna

If you've ever been in love

You'll know the feeling. How you feel insane and time passes so slowly when you're not with them. How they dominate your thoughts and you can almost feel them with you. How you can't help but smile when you know they're thinking about you. How when things aren't going well it drives you insane, and you can't seem to think straight. How when they're not yours, you miss them so much, and you feel that dull emptiness in your chest. Most of all, you know how they're literally everything to you, and nothing can change that.

got from tumblr

Is it possible that
Mr. Loveable is already in my life?
Right in front of me or
maybe you're in disguise?



it's not you that brings
these tears to my eyes
it's not you that makes me sad
it's that you don't care who
you're leaving behind
i'm gonna miss you...
i'm gonna miss you.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me andjust forget the world?


but when he said
i thought he really
meant it
- - -
stupid me

^^ This is way to much fun :
D ^^

I 'm staring at the mess I made As you turn, you take your heart and walk away

I'm gonna walk into school with
hair-tied in a messy bun
no make up
baggy sweats and
i WILL feel like the prettiest

(  i   t   c   h]]
there ;)