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Quotes by brunettechick7

t he only places where there's people i can acutally relate to 


iwasn't kissing him!
i was just telling his lips a secret.

LOOK LEFT! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -> you failed.

that awkward eye contact
with someone across the room.


that awkward moment when..

sooooomeeonnee useeesss tooo mannnnnnnnyy exxxtttrraaa lettterrrrssss.

Going Through All The Newest Quotes,

                                                  just to find yours.

that awkward moment..

when the status of a 10 year old has cuss words in it


playing just dance,
and accidently hitting someone with your wiremote.

that disappointing moment..
everyone's too worried about what they’re wishing for, on VETERAN’S day.

Honor the ones who fought for our country