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Hey guys!!!!! I'm Cassie, I'm 13 years old, and I live in Milwaukee. Music is my life <3
I have a few really close friends (you know who you are), and I try really hard not to keep any secrets from them :D but sometimes that doesn't work...

Always try to be happy, no matter what! Love ya! <3

Quotes by bubbleeater24

That one song that makes you feel emotions without names...

Forget being kissed in the rain...

My dream has always been to be kissed in the snow.
It's just so much more magical, with snowflakes sticking on your eyelashes, bundled up, with a certain cheer coursing through you at the idea of snow.

I don't know, maybe that's just me.
I hope that you catch me

'Cause I'm already falling
Because we're all just kids who grew up way too fast.

Yeah, the good die young, but the great will always last.
she thought that love was gonna save her...

...but love just never showed
I'll be your shelter
You'll be my storm
I'll make you shiver
You'll keep me warm
*adjusted lyrics*
Right Behind You
Chapter 18

{Song? <3}

   As soon as we pull up to the park, I jump out of the car and start running towards the beginning of the trail. "You won't make it very far." My mom shouts from the car when she gets out. I'm already at the arch in front of the trail, but she knows how much I hate running.
   "I don't care. The sooner I reach him, the better." I'm able to run about half of the way, before I stop and walk until I reach the beach. Slowly turning in a circle, I can't find him anywhere. "Damion!?" A single tear leaks from my eye. Where is he? I turn around again, feeling lost. I feel a hand on my shoulder and scream.
   "It's okay. I'm here." It's him. "Why are you crying?" He pulls me in, my head on his shoulder.
   "I was so worried about you." I look up into his eyes, also swimming. "Oh, Damion. Promise me something, please?" He nods. "Never - EVER - be afraid to love me. Please."
   Damion laughs. "I think I can do that." He takes my hand and we walk down to the beach.
   As we sit down on the cold sand, he immediately turns to me. "Did you bring the note?"
   "I did. Here you go, my kind sir." He takes it from me.
   "Look at the note on front here." He points at it, and I nod. It reads, 
"If you need to taLk and damiOn is unaVailablE -- onlY Open in this sitUation." I remember thinking his hand must've been shaking when he wrote it.
   "See those capital letters?" Oh, that makes so much more sense. "Put them together." It takes a minute.
   "Damion?" I don't know what to say. So I sigh.
   Then he leans towards me, whispers, "It's true," and kisses me.

Note: Really short chapter. But whatever. If you want pics of Seven Bridges, search "seven bridges milwaukee" in google images. The first bridge begins in an arch, and on one side of the arch it says "Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature." On the other side it reads "May the God given peace of this lonely solitude rest upon and abide with thee." Comment feedback! <3 ya guys!
Right Behind You
Chapter 17

{Light a Way by He is We}

   "MEG!!" I hear my mom shout my name from downstairs. "Get up, we need to go to church!" Lovely way to wake up on a Sunday, don't you think? Thanks, Mom.
   "Okay!..." Rolling out of bed, I get dressed and head downstairs for some breakfast. Damion and I had gotten home around 10, and gone right to bed - I had at least.
   When we got home from church, I picked up a pebble on my way inside, and threw it at Damion's window. I sat there for a few minutes before shouting, "Hey! You there?" A few pebbles and many more calls later, I call his cell phone. There's no answer.
   I decide to call Amy, to tell her what's going on. "Hey babe. What's up?"
   "Damion's..." Not home? I didn't know that. Mad at me? I didn't know that either. "I don't know but I'm not able to get ahold of him at all."
   "Well I'm not sure where he is. Hang on, let me ask Jason." Of course they were together. That's so cute. I waited, and she came back a second later. "He said the last time he heard from him was last night, right after you guys got home."
   "Okay, thanks Amy."
   "Anytime. Let me know when you find him."
   "Alright, I will. See ya." I hung up before I started crying. Maybe Damion was mad at me. Not that I had any idea why he would be. I had a great time last night, and I thought he had, too.
   I walk over to the window and sit in the small wooden chair I had set up there. When I looked out the window, I notice something. There's a note taped to the window. I'm not quite sure if it was there before, and I didn't notice it, or if it just appeared. It's written in his handwriting, but more shaky than usual.
   There's only one sentence. "Read it. I'm sorry." My first thought, of course, is Read what?! But then I realize he means the note he had given me on the first day of school.
   I run over to my nightstand and grab it from the box it was in. I unfold it and then look away, my hands shaking madly. I can't do it. I finally break down and look. The letter is written in navy blue and forest green pen, and it looks like he took the time to write everything down just right, because the handwriting is so much better than it usually is.

Dear Maggie,

From the moment I saw you run into Jason (yes, I saw that), I wanted to know your name. So I found it out. And I have to say... I felt drawn to you.
You make me think of a quote: 
When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you, I was afraid to talk to you. When I talked to you, I was afraid to like you. When I liked you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you. Except for me, all of that happened in one day.
So I want you to do something for me. But first, I have a confession to make. I have never been a happy person. Ask anyone. I cut, I cry, I'm never very open with people. But with you, I'm not like that. And I didn't want you to know that I ever had been that person.

I build walls to see who will care enough to take them down. And you did. I thank you for that. However, old habits die hard. In this case, the habit is suicide. I have tried many times before. I almost did shortly before you read this. Not because of you, so please (PLEASE) don't ever think that.
Now for what I would like you to do for me. Don't try to call or text me. I always turn my phone off when I need to relax. Just go to Seven Bridges trail - a.k.a. Grant Park in Cudahy. I know it's far, but it's where I go. You'll find me on the beach.
So if you could, please join me. I'll be seeing you soon if you choose to.

Love, Damion

P.S: Bring the note from the front of this. I need to show you something.

   I'm in shock. And worried, and panicked. I bury my head in my hands, only to discover that my face is soaked. I had been sobbing. But there was no time for that. I grabbed my shoes, ran downstairs, and begged my mom for ten minutes to drive me to Seven Bridges, telling her I would explain in the car.
   Good choice, Damion, I thought as I got into the car. I had been there a couple times with my family when we lived in Milwaukee. It was, quite honestly, the most beautiful place I had ever been. It was a good place to think, especially now when the leaves were falling.
   As we make the hour drive up to Cudahy, I tell my mom everything the note says, and she falls silent. And still, all I can think is, I'm coming, Damion. You're gonna be okay. You have to be.

Note: Wow. That was really long. But worth it. More today, I think. Yes, Seven Bridges is also real. This park is rumored to be haunted, but maybe it's the ghosts that help you think while you're there. Whatever it is, it makes it feel like home there. Comment feedback! <3 ya guys!
... and the worst kind of love is when you don't want to admit it to yourself. you never admit it to your friends. But when you think about it, he's the one you really want to be with.

But you can't.
to put it quite simply...