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Birthday: December 31
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Location: In front of my computer
Gender: F
I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
My Favorite Is Michelangelo

I Love Skrillex.

I Roller Skate, Skateboard, and play GaGa.
GaGa is a ball game that you play in an octagon sand pit.
I love laser tag.

I Say The Word Chicken Alot And I Don't Know Why
I Guess I'm Just Being Myself
I Love Myself Just The Way I Am.

And I Follow Everyone Back!
So Follow:)

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booboo4 1 decade ago
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oh, my, gosh, all of your quotes are AMAZIIINg. so i am now stalking you bb. :D
insignificantx 1 decade ago
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Thanks for faving my quote (:
barneythebigpurpledino 1 decade ago
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You're really really pretty (:
buby3 1 decade ago
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Thanks:) means alot, you are too :D
OhTeenQuotess 1 decade ago
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Hey :) Do you mind voting for "luc-i-d" here: http://polldaddy.com/poll/6539366/ it would mean so much <3 Thanks! If you ever need anything in return just ask!
teenagedream159 1 decade ago
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hello there beautiful(: sorry for the spam but do you think you could check out my story? i just started it and i wanted to see what people think of it(:
ReplaceMyHeart 1 decade ago
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Hey if you have a couple of minutes, I would really really appreciate it if you would take the time to read my story. I worked so hard on it and any feedback would be appreciated. The first, second, and third chapters are up ♥
Thanks xoxx