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Id give up forever to touch you to know that you feel me somehow.....your the closest to heaven ill ever be and I dont wanna go home right now.....

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Well here I am almost 5 years later and I never really expected much to change but its like practically everything did, and I still feel the way I did then but there is a light and there is a dark and sometimes the space of light you see is so little but you really hold out for that first taste of air and pray...I found my little lights and some big ones too and also some darker times and lots of little cracks where I hadnt noticed before..heres to hoping I come back in another 5 years and the world has changed too. 

Dear 16, Hold on you learn light and darkness
Dear 26 me...were gunna do this


Red lines Red linesRed lines Red lines Relief

Dear Rachael,you are so beautiful amd mommy and daddy loved you more than you could ever imagine, not a day goes by we don't think of you. We love you so much. You were so to beautiful for Earth Our beautiful AngelI wish we could have met youMommy&Daddy

Seems like life is a daily struggle of suicide or homicide lately

They have a word for when you lose a parent its called orphanThey have a word for when you lose a significant otherits called widow or brokenheartedI miscarried my childthey have no word for that 🍼🍼🍼

Holy Cow it has been a while 
What an ugly society we all now live in how terrible it is to be born into a world that has no respect and no feelings what a terrible world we all live in
Your right I am jealous I'm terribly jealous. I'm jealous looking at other girls and seeing them have everything I have ever wanted. I'm sick of dreaming and getting hurt so you're right I'm terribly jealous that she has I'm jealous she gets to have a baby with her amazing bf when I have miscarried one I'm jealous everyone seems so perfect and I don't so yes I'm jealous I'm terribly jealous
The love of a teen mother to a child....never question the lengths she will go to just to ensure the babies happiness. You can be a good mother regardless of age