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Id give up forever to touch you to know that you feel me somehow.....your the closest to heaven ill ever be and I dont wanna go home right now.....

Quotes by Lissa Snape*

I got 99 problems but a bf aint one cause he and i just broke up
Yes im completly serious bout being pregnant and steve im 15 i have no money
Guys IM PREGNANT guys im super scared idk what to do
Look please dont judge me for this okay if you know you love you know what its like.
Anyway one of my friends has a gf but he n i um slept together. Kinda scared I might be pregnant and he sees it as a punishment...I never meant to hurt him god I feel so awful bout ot :'( idk what do even do anymore
Wow lost my bro last night damn owwww
Im sorry. I know I bug you constantly and try to

talk to you 24/7.But to be honest Im a little scared.

Ive never met anyone like you and I care about you so much. 

And when I see you saying when she wants you I get jealous.

Cause ik I dont deserve you and Im to insecure for my own good. But I really like you alot, and Im scared youll find a prettier smarter and funnier girl who isnt me and youll forget bout me and I dont want that cause I really like you and stuff and uh yeah so im sorry for bugging but im trying not to be replaced

Dauntless  Witty users:

Im not afraid that bad? Ive been on the verge of death and fighting for life, and I made it. Ever since than all the little things that use to scare me don't. Maybe it took a near death experience, or maybe I have just learned to be dauntless. It doesn't mean not having any fear but it means controlling your fear. Maybe I do that now...yeah I think so.
Yo yo yo yo
stop messing with my head
dont know how much more i can take
one minute your there
and the next your dead (ohh yeah)
so indecisive
got me feeling so left alone
so make up your mind hun
or else please just go
So what am I suppose to do when the best part of me was always you and what am I suppose to say when Im all chocked and your okay yeah im fallin to pieces yeah fallin to pieces
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