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i am 16 years old. i have several siblings. i enjoy reading quotes along with writing them and my favorite thing to do is play softball<3

Quotes by bugaboo2

How can people who were once your family
Make you feel so terrible?
try to say the word bubbles in an angry way

let me guess?!?
you cant!:p

top ten waysto make a girl feel happy:)

1. hold her by the waist
2. kiss her in the rain

3 take her with you even if your going with your friends.

. tell her how much she means to you.
5. stay loyal to her, make sure she knows shes your #1

6. look her in the eyes when you talk to her.

7. tickle her, even when she says to stop its because she likes it.

8. try to make her smile every chance you get.

9. cuddle with her when shes sad.

10. if shes mad at you, dont let her walk away because if you do she will feel like you no longer care, hug her and let her know that you will never leave her<3


when i was 8 years old i was diagnosed with extreme depression. it got better for a long time but then after my uncle died i once again got diagnosed with extreme depression. there are many teens out in the world with the same thing i have and i just want them to know that life does get better, things do change, there is help out in this world that seems like a living hell. i got told that as long as in my head suicide wasnt an option that things still had a chance to get better. about a year and a half ago i was suicidal. i cut my wrists and burned them. i got help. i came to realize that so many people in this world would miss me, hurt themselves over me being gone, blaming themselves. my depression was nobodies fault and neither is yours. suicide is not the answer. you young teens need to realize that you are worth so much more than you think. when your down, talk to someone. talking does help in the long run even if it seems like its not. there are so many people in this world that care about you even when you feel like your alone. i have had so many people in my life commit suicide over depression. friends, family, or even people ive just met once or twice. they were depressed, bullied, harassed, or any other reason you can think of. ive had friends die of an over dose due to doing drugs over depression. nobody is worth your life. nothing is worth just giving up on everything in this world. there are many other solutions. im glad that i finally came to realize that im worth a lot more than i ever thought. ive had my mom there with me every step of the way. ive talked to her, shes brought me to see doctors, everything. i will never forget the day she realized how bad my depression was she saw the scars and all she could do was cry. i realized that im her angel and she wouldnt be able to handle me being out of this world. just remember, take my advice, even when it seems like you are nothing, you are everything to many people in this world<3

just because i cant stand seeing you with another girl, doesnt make me jealous, it just means i fell in love with you and never thought you would let me go<3

All you need in life is a bubba and an avery:)!
~karah lawry

All you need in life is a bubba, avery, jamie, mikey, and tyler:)!
~karah lawry

'cuz with every kiss
every hug
you make me
fall in love<3<3<3

It Takes Skill...
to lose your fone when its in your hand :)