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Quotes by bujuui

i feel that walking has become another chore,
i don't think i can go on walking anymore

believe it or not, this was a gradual thing. 
i didn't wake up not loving you 
it went by days, 
i'd realize you were never around 
you didn't kiss me the same 
your heart was somewhere else.
i didn't just wake up not loving you, 
it happened over the ticks of the clock. 
but you must have been looking the other way, 
or maybe time just flew by for you, 
because it somehow came as a surprise to you when i was gone.

                               + can't turn back time
i feel like i'm a galaxy away from you
like i'm talking to myself in the dark
Tokyo  Lonely Night

not the night where you lay in bed, missing /whoever/

but the night where the world sounds so quiet,
that you open your window, feel the summer wind and look around at the street light, 
or the infinite amount of dark sky above you;
and you feel it
like you're all alone in this world


when i don't know what i am waiting for
or when i don't think i can feel
is when half my heart says you're dying
and the other half rips apart,

tells me to not listen to the other half
because either it's right 
or it's wrong
but either way things are the same
and i'm going to die either way
                                          -- Not Half Right
we get close; we fall apart
red roses; broken hearts
and we don’t know which way to go

we’re in love; we’re insane.
what’s the sun without the rain?
i guess we’ll find out as we go
Swimming through the Milky Way,
I wanna break away and take the leap
Since we’re falling anyway,
no moon to rise would be okay with me
Every night, every night is alright
Taking it step by step,
we’ll always move ahead
Our love is growing red,
need me more, need you more.

 so even if you’re broken up inside, 
 you gotta stand and fight 
 ‘cause it’s the only heart you’ve got and might’ve forgotten 
 that a life shines brightly, that’s what makes it life. 

 so even if you’re tearing at the seems, 
 or falling to your knees, 
 just remember that it shows 
 you’re trying to move ahead. 
 and by the end, the people who laugh aren’t your friends. 
 and yet even then, the world goes around and starts over again 
 don’t you know? 
 we were distant stars from the beginning 
 we were distant stars from the beginning 
 we were distant stars from the beginning 
 time literally does not exist for me anymore. 
 i’m going and going and going and going. 
 i wish things would slow down. 
 but no matter how much rest I get 
 its never enough. no matter what 
 anyone is saying to me i can’t hear it. 
 no matter how hard i try i can’t make you love me.