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About me:
Hey up my name is Bryony and if you don't know already am a girl who's 13 years old.
Nicknames;Bee,Bumble,or Bumblebee

I live somewhere in Britain.
Am your average looking girl, blonde hair and blue eyes.

I like to think am normal, but I’ve been told on many occasions am not.
Life has not always been the best in the world, but am trying to stay strong.
Friends and family been everything couldn’t live without them.
I try and follow everyone who likes my quotes so please comment if i have missed you out..


Quotes by bumble123

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Like it how we;
have to be skinny to get a boy
popular to noticed at school
pretty to be asked out
have desginer accessoires to be considered
Noticing a pattern of how life is unfair?

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"They say i'm "up and coming", like  i'm f**king in an elevator ."  
Ed Sheeran


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Anybody else remember "That's So Raven"?

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Anybody else broke their vein doing a  pinky promise? ?

True story
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Who else screams at the tv for the Olympic athletes to win their race like they can actually hear you

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The closet ive ever got to flying is launching myself of my bed and diving onto the floor..

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And who else can't eat a full bowl of ice-cream without getting a brain freeze..

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What if                                                                You became an astronaut

What if                                                        You became an Olympic athlete

What if                                                           You became the next top singer

What if                                                              You became a premiere league footballer


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"You had me at hello.."

When somebody says they like youu,
there's always that small part of youu that likes them back