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Quotes by bunnylover43

when I was little I’d imagine that I was in a race with other
cars on the highway and I didn’t know speed limits existed so I’d get
angry with my dad for not speeding up to beat other cars 


You unfollow me because you’re afraid of falling in love with me, I know

what if lindsay lohan and jamie lee curtis never switched back after freaky
friday and its jamie lee curtis getting drunk in public and lindsay lohan is sitting around eating activia

kidz bop? more like kidz stop

my phone changes “yo” to “to”
and its jeopardizing my street cred

maybe she’s born with it maybe its an instagram filter

Ugh moms are so annoying ‘clean ur room, take out the trash, I'm worried about your mental health, why is there a dead guy in the living room’
ha ha yeah ok whatever mom

A dude at the gym just reached in his bag, pulled out a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, smiled & shook his head like that’s just something that happens to people, put it back and then pulled out a bottle of water instead

This shampoo was supposed to give my hair volume
but I really can’t hear anything

white girl in any movie: my dad said to only use this credit card for emergencies
white girl in any movie: and this is an emergency *opens doors to mall*
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